The Bushes’ Alma Mater Tells Kindergarteners that “Whites Make it Harder for Black People”

A school in Texas claims that its students are more mature than normal. This is a reasonable conclusion.

According to reports, Austin's St. Andrew's Episcopal School (SAS) recently used a lesson plan in kindergarten classrooms on race. A picture of the lesson was shared on the Libs of TikTok twitter account.

The 10th of March is the day they stepped into freedom:

“Good morning, Sunflowers! … Let’s keep talking about freedom. Are there some people that have more freedom? Let’s share our thoughts.”

In the past the question would not be asked of five-year-olds. Today, however, most traditional topics like racial equality are ignored.

Power dynamics are back for the youngest students.

“New York has more freedom to vote than Texas.”

Naturally, this claim is true. NY allows voting without identification and it is therefore easier to vote than one that doesn't.

The lesson also emphasizes the fact that “money means more freedom.”

In case you're in doubt:

“Black people have less and white (people) have more.”


“Whites make it harder for black people.”

“Whites boss [nonwhites] around.”

The plan also mentions the white population's “threatening body language.”

It's a most difficult burden for young minds. They're either not capable of leading a happy life or are oppressors.

However, these are times of transformation. Recently a Portland kindergarten has been showing its children cartoons with graphic images of vaginas and penises, and they've been taught that colonists of white descent came up with the idea of “men” and “women.”

The discussion also included people who have vulvas, the word violence, and pronouns such as “ze” and “zir.”

Back to St. Andrews, here's the Libs on TikTok:

One parent spoke to Libs of TikTok after they were sent a photo of the lesson plan that allegedly taught 5-year-olds about the horrors of white people. … The…parent said they also recently discovered that the book It Feels Good to Be Yourself was read to the kindergarten class. The book is about gender identity and non-binary people. A page from the book (shown below) reads, “What a baby’s body looks like when they’re born can be a clue to what the baby’s gender will be, but not always.” It also teaches that doctors “guess” what gender babies are, and sometimes they get it wrong.

Parents voiced concern to the school about the lessons but were reportedly dismissed. One parent told Libs of TikTok, “When parents confront them like I did, they will first say it was an oversight, and if you keep asking too many questions, they will tell you that you’re an extremist.” The parent continued, “When I asked my kindergartener how often they talked about topics like the one in the picture, he said it was every day.”

St. Andrews is an excellent school. Former students include President George Bush's two daughters. The kindergarten tuition is about $26,870.

In the event that St. Andrews isn't all white, it seems that even those who aren't in well.

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