Reaction to Donald Trump’s Endorsement For Governor of Michigan is Befuddling

Ah, Michigan, my Michigan, how you can get me confused. Sure, you're not like the souls who live on the other side of California and New York. I'm sure however, the year isn't finished, and we may still be a long way off that massive lowest.

I am from The Great Lakes State and, as I've reported in the last week, we are experiencing plenty of excitement with the primary election on Tuesday, which will determine the GOP candidate against one of the greatest of Lockdown enactors, Gretchen Whitmer.

There are a lot of absurdities in this piece. “Is Michigan Republican candidate for Governor Kevin Rinke a Secret Fan of Governor Whitmer” and the “BREAKING Former President. Donald Trump Endorses Tudor Dixon to be Michigan Governor.” If you have the chance, you should check out my friend Cameron Arcand's interview with Tudor Dixon.

After the Trump announcement of the Tudor Dixon endorsement, there are a couple on the pages of both groups as well as friends I've been following that have been lit up with fascinating conspiracy theories. It's been difficult to keep up to date; however, I do have the tools for it. It is also simpler to accomplish since a lot of these theories were created by people who have recently watched the latest episode from “Sesame Street” and feel at peace.

I'm sorry to have (possibly) hurt people's feelings, but in reality I'm not.

Michigan currently has a governor in office who has performed a horrible job. The state holds 30 million dollars of cash in the bank. I'm not convinced by some of the lies posted by people in the hope that they can get details that most people do not have.

Let me begin by introducing my article from Monday, which focused on the snarkiness that comes from an advertisement by Kevin Rinke. I felt this way, when the ad referred to the DeVos family, and as a result, Tudor Dixon, as America's betrayers.

But the issue I have — and, in general, everyone who cares about turning Michigan from a blue state into red should be facing the fact that Rinke will try to defame his opponent with faulty logic and also drag an entire family who has performed more for “conservative” causes than he could ever imagine doing.

The rationale of people may disagree with the policy or action, and I don't agree on the part of Betsy DeVos about her decision to step down two weeks before Trump's term came to an end in January 2021, for the reasons she outlined.

As the Jan. 6 Commission has demonstrated, Trump did nothing to inspire a group of Hot Heads to march to the Capitol and take over the United States government. Really, the fact that Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger believe that the man who dressed in the form of one of the Village People was going to install himself as Speaker of the House or some other position is amazing and ridiculous. A very cute and funny story that wasn't going to happen, regardless of how many prime-time hearings they try to make people fear.

I'm in this weird group where you are able to disagree with someone who is strongly against the position they take and not be required to tell them they're doing something like the Benedict Arnold boogie. I'm sure that's somewhat logical for certain people, but I'm mature and old-fashioned to make any changes and you're able to deal with it.

The reaction I mentioned above was from people who were three or four days prior to the time Trump actually announced his endorsement of Dixon.

But, at the moment, people are even claiming that Trump actually, apparently, has endorsed a #NeverTrumper right here in Michigan.

It's all posted on Facebook, however I am unable to determine if they really have an unbiased face. But I can clearly visualize in my mind's eye the single-digit type and the jaws of the bottom lip as they type their accusations in a frantic manner. They do it with the same ferocity and determination of someone who wept at the sight of an assassination plot against the president Josiah Bartlet has in the first season of “The West Wing.”

When I challenged them with the idea that Donald Trump might not be willing to support the idea of a Never-Trumper, the responses I received were diverse.

A friend of mine, Dan Tollis on Facebook, posted an observation on the chaos the world was witnessing after Trump declared his endorsement. Dan is a staunch Republican who was debating the candidate to vote for on Tuesday. He mentioned his opinion that the Trump endorsement might influence him. Here's the letter Dan did write…

I've seen some people go into apprehension about the news tonight. Keep in mind that we must be able to maintain, and possibly grow, our majority in both the House as well as the Senate. It is also important to ensure that those we elect are social and fiscal conservatives. The more conservative the last government. Without the House and Senate it's not much of a difference which governor we choose.

Some of the comments he received were, let's say, intriguing.

Oh my God Are you a F*** fool? The establishment rhino is f*** her own horns and the most beautiful thing is what the hell are you thinking? I'm texting and I'm sure rhino isn't written that way in the world of politics, but what do you think?

There was also this treasure…

Dixon is an actress. She's all show and no play. She's a fool. Devo's purchase and puppet.

To be fair to Dan, he did point out the fact that Ronald Reagan was an actor as well, however that didn't make the person who made the message back down. He went down into the rabbit hole, that in some way, Trump was tricked by an attempt to fool the people who are the most grassroots. And only those who can declare RINO at the touch of a button are aware of the truth. The reason Donald Trump was not alerted to these plots is a mystery. If you believe Trump may have lost all his mind like the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It's good to know that not everyone believes this way, and there were some who were simply advocating for their own decision in a rational way and with a lot of mental sanity. The person who wrote it down for me…

Hey, friends – I don't care what you choose to vote for at the polls in November's primary. However, for the sake of our State of Michigan and conservatives all over the country, please consider supporting Tudor Dixon or whoever wins the primary in November.

This is why I don't like the primary season – too many reports and negative mailers and too much drama. If we don't come together during November, Michigan sinks – and it's blamed on the conservatives or Republicans who were unwilling to support the Republican candidate.

Please stop this nonsensical behavior!

We are living in a world in which we have the majority of the information recorded ever in our hands and yet, we appear to be more ignorant than we have ever been in the history of our world. Elections are intended to be a rough-and-tumble scrutinizing process. It isn't supposed to be easy or beautiful. However, when those who claim to be enthused by the things Donald Trump did for four years as President, realize that he doesn't know more than they do- and their candidate fails to get his thumbs up, and then go to Alex Jones with stories, we must tell them that they should stop.

The idea of calling people Americans as well as using Democrat talking points to discredit Trump and other people isn't enough.

We're well past the moment to stop this nonsensical behavior and keep in mind that the person who takes the lead on Tuesday is going to be working hard to beat Gretchen Whitmer. The person who wins will require your assistance, regardless of how much your feelings are damaged.

I hope that the most grassy of the grass roots will keep this in mind.

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