St. Louis Welcomes Return of the Naked Bike Ride

If you've ever complained about the dearth of old naked bodies on bicycles, I have some good news for you: Saturday was set to bring an exhilarating escape from the lack of.

According to The Riverfront Times, the World Naked Bike Ride returned to St. Louis.

While often thought of as pollution-free, the clothing-optional venture was reported to be repeated “in the name of body positivity.”

Also, a salute to: “cyclists' rights.”

The song about saddles that aren't big enough began around 4 p.m. It was scheduled to conclude with a celebration:

Over 22,000 St. Louisans taking part in previous years the event features cycling around the city and a post-party at The Grove neighborhood once you get off your bicycle.

There's a rich past of this, in fact, 2022 marks the 14th year that people who love exercising and excessive epidermal overload have gone out on the street to let the breeze push across their tags on the skin.

However, freedom comes with the cost of security, so put safety first.

The organizers ask that participants be immunized and wear a mask when they're in close proximity to people.

On the off chance of the possibilities that a large naked display in public attracts unintentionally curious viewers:

Photos are not allowed without permission and you must refrain from touching anyone else. (Just keep it from being creepy, for instance.)

To be transparent, I did not add the parentheses.

It's good to know that the Rated-X aerobics instructors don't have to play around with masks.

In 2021, I wrote about Philadelphia's medically-conscious event:

Take a trip down to the bare essentials, jump onto your Huffy and enjoy it.

However, organizers want participants to perform the “most responsible thing.” In this year's rules, participants must wear a mask.

Yep– although other orifices could be able to let air out, you'll have to keep your mouth and nose shut. It's the 12th year of this (12th) attraction being advertised by the name of “The Mask Edition.” 

In particular, due to the lingering anger from the lockdown last year, I'm betting a plethora of in-the-buff riders are going to give it a try.

It isn't suitable for everyone.

It's unlikely that every biker will have a ball however, surely plenty of balls will be thrown.

To (mostly?) mask-free Missouri, a costume contest was listed on the agenda of events planned. The categories included Grooviest Moves, Cutest Crew, and Hairiest Human.

The actual cycling didn't have to begin until 6 p.m. If you're in the area and are reading this as it's posted, pedal your heart and pants out and you may still be able to participate in the parade.

If you've missed the fun, don't worry. It's almost certain that the original occasion will come back each year.

If you've always wanted to exercise but haven't been able to find the cracks and crevasses in regular cardio, then maybe next year you'll join a sea of sweaty celebrants and go on an adventure on World Naked Bike Ride for an ode to your birthday celebration.

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