Tom Cotton Says Leak About Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Came From the White House

We covered that China had threatened to attack the U.S. and Taiwan on the phone conversation Chinese president Xi Jinping had with Joe Biden in which Biden claimed that China was saying that the U.S. was “playing with fire” and would be “burnt” if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went to Taiwan. Biden's response? A snarky response which didn't attack them for their threat.

Then, after showing weakness, a CCP media spokesman threatened that China will blast Pelosi's plane from her sky, if she flew with an escort from the military. What was the response from the White House? White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that she was unable to make a statement, saying that the question of whether Pelosi will be there to the White House was “a hypothetical.” It was a poor response, and not blaming the Chinese for threatening to slap the speaker of the House.

Pelosi hasn't made public her official plans regarding her Asia trip. However, she was scheduled to travel on a trip to Taiwan during June when she contracted COVID.

However, Sen.Tom Cotton (R-AR) disclosed an untruth that would be a shame, if true, and especially considering the threat from China. He said that he believed that the White House leaked Pelosi's plans to travel to Taiwan.

“Well the word I've heard in Congress is that the leak of Nancy Pelosi's trip came straight from the White House, the pressure came from Joe Biden who doesn't want her to take this trip because he's once again kowtowing to Beijing,” Cotton explained to Laura Ingraham on Fox News Channel. “But Lloyd Austin and Joe Biden shouldn't be worried about China's aggressiveness, they should be making China worry about our aggressiveness,” Cotton said. “For decades, American lawmakers have been traveling to Taiwan — of both parties — and that should continue now, especially after it became public,” Cotton suggested.

Cotton said he met Speaker Pelosi earlier during the weeks as well and “told her it was absolutely essential that she go forward with this trip, no matter what Joe Biden says.”

Cotton stated that they would not let China be a threat to us due to the presence of a member of Congress traveling to Taiwan.

“We cannot back down in the face of these Chinese threats,” Cotton repeated and said that If Biden “prevents Nancy Pelosi or any other member of Congress from traveling to Taiwan, it will create a major foreign policy crisis — imagine what it will signal to the Chinese Communists if they think they can threaten us into merely not traveling to Taiwan,” Cotton warned. “It might in fact incite them and tempt them to go for the jugular in Taiwan.”

Add this to the White House's inhuman reaction to threats, specifically the one directed at Pelosi and it is time to wonder whether Biden is in any way compromised. If Biden is hiding information to keep her from traveling in order to not upset China and the Chinese, then he's compromised and we're in deep trouble. This is the reason why an investigation into Hunter's connections to foreign countries is crucial. If China is able to make threats against the Speaker in the House and stop her from leaving to China, they'll think they are able to walk over us and take over Taiwan. That's exactly where Biden is taking us-just as his weaknesses could have made Russia think they might invade Ukraine.

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