Pelosi Setting US Foreign Policy for Biden

As tensions rise in the wake of China's threats to blow up House speaker Nancy Pelosi's airplane in the event that she does not follow through on her scheduled trip to Taiwan in the Republic of China — this week, as part of a larger tour of Southeast Asia, the Biden White House continues not only to issue pathetic answers to ChiCom's threats. Arkansas Republican senator Tom Cotton claimed that the leak on Tuesday regarding Pelosi's plan for a Taiwan trip, was “straight from the White House.”

Democrat-on-Democrat back-stabbing intrigue. Why wouldn't you love it?

The question is do you think Pelosi will travel to Taiwan in the manner she has planned? Will Sino Joe Biden continue to accept China's threats and demands of Beijing and cancel the trip? Another question that is more interesting to consider: In the event that Joe “China's not gonna eat our lunch, man” Biden insists on her not going and Pelosi says no, will Pelosi take the trip anyway or will Sino Joe be punished?

Some have suggested that, since it appears that because the Asia trip itinerary that was released by the office of Pelosi didn't include a visit to Taiwan, the trip could be canceled following the leak. I do not agree with this premise principally because of what could be a clear reason: Why is it that the Speaker's itinerary includes the details of a visit to Taiwan to notify Beijing to know when Pelosi arrives?

I'd be shocked if this schedule had not included a stop in the event that the trip was not revealed.

The report from Politico revealed on Wednesday the day that Chinese officials were able to chase Nancy Pelosi out of Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 1981 The incident sparked an unusually ferocious foreign policy strategy in Pelosi which has put her against presidents from both parties, and sometimes, she has sided with conservatives.

Here's a little background information, via Politico:

The Speaker's progressive policy on global matters dates back to her time as a member of the House Intelligence Committee and the committee that manages the budget of the State Department. She was adamantly opposed to the 2002 Iraq authorization for war, but the authorization was backed by her Senate fellow Chuck Schumer.

However, she's also been hard on what she considers to be the defense of human rights and democratic ideals which led the Obama administration to attack Syria after the Syrian government was accused of using chemical weapons in 2013.

Pelosi's fierce independence streak, however, is best captured by the decades-long animosity with China that has come to define her tenure in the public sector. In an interview with the Washington Post this week, Pelosi said she views her objectives as a leader in U.S. foreign policy as threefold concerns with security, economic interest, as well as “honoring our values.”

“If you cannot stand up for human rights in China because of commercial interests,” Pelosi recently declared, “you lose all moral authority to speak out for it in any place.”

I'm not going to endorse any of the words that come out of the mouth of this woman with a TDS problem at stage 4. However, I find myself in the middle of a sea of unknown waters and acquiescing to every word she has said in the past.

While Pelosi hasn't given any indication that she will be a sway to the Biden administration's opposition to her trip, she did emphasize that it is crucial to make a clear demonstration of U.S. support for Taiwan and the ever-growing threat Taiwan's self-governing nation is in danger of an all-out invasion from the ever-increasingly belligerent Communist mainland. She also referred to the days of Tiananmen Square, all those years back.

“It's been happening to Tiananmen Square. They said one country and two systems. Take a look at how they handled it with Hong Kong. They created their own issue with Taiwan. If they had only one country with two systems and two systems, they'd have something they could offer.”

Again, Madam Speaker, amen.

The bottom line is:

Nancy Pelosi's Trump Derangement Syndrome is one thing; however, If Joe Biden had one-tenth of her determination and determination to stand up for his beliefs the same way she defends her own -Who is this? Joe Biden has zero beliefs.

Incredibly clueless Joe Biden simply signs pieces of paper thrown at him by puppeteers of the left. He reads the lines that he's asked to say (including directions) on teleprompter screen, and sloppy notecards with detailed, bullet-pointed steps to complete.

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