Trans Cheerleader Strangles Squad Member

According to the '90s high school films, cheerleading is an area for drama. At a recent camp, in Texas it took a cinematic turn.

The team from Ranger College was taking part in their on-campus training when a scuffle broke out. In the midst of the chaos, one cheerleader is said to have got choked by another.

The culprit is: Averie Chanel Medlock. After the incident, the athlete was ejected from camp.

Averie is an actual male, however the 25-year-old self-identifies as a female. According to The New York Post, that particular information was prominently featured:

The cheerleader reacted to a fight among the team members in posts on the team's Facebook page. Medlock asserts that one of the team members made transphobic and racist remarks prior to the fight as evidenced by a cellphone video footage showing cheerleaders hiding from an angry Medlock.

In the case of the phobia mentioned above, Averie was accused of unsavory acts.

Last week on Facebook, the student incriminated in the case narrated the chaos:

“Well, guys, I'm officially retired as a cheerleader as of last night at 5:30 a.m. A girl on the team was being very disrespectful and told me I am a MAN with a PENIS and that [guys] should not be on the team.”

The next step was self-defense. Parents were informed, however:

“I took myself to task and she called her dad and mom as she was afraid because I stood to defend myself. Her father told her, ‘She still has penis and testosterone and I'll murder anyone who has come after my daughter. ‘”

The “[coming] after” part was believed to be dangerous: Averie allegedly strangled the girl, who is named Karleigh.

Karleigh's father, Mike Jones, drove right to the school. Now, he's requesting that police release footage from the bodycam and CCTV.

Mike was on Facebook and posted:

“I would like to know what you would do receiving a call around 1 in the morning from your daughter who said they were locked in the room along with other girls. There was never a time when I ever mentioned anything regarding gender or race.”

Averie claims it was simply a joke. Evidently officials did not find it funny. So they issued a criminal assault ticket.

In a conversation with KTAB and KRBC, the defiant college coed complained about the injustice:

“They knew my gender was trans. They were aware that I was different from the girls. It wasn't much of a problem until her dad walked in there and started a fight. I was kicked out of the team because of an assumption based on her dad's theories of what transpired.”

The clash was recorded by cell phone. The Daily Mail offers a an update:

In the video of the altercation Medlock posted, which is composed mainly of audio, the cheerleader is heard yelling at teammates behind a locked door for making racist remarks.

She is also heard telling her players the team that she “barely touched” Karleigh and insisting that any contact was just the result of a joke.

“B***h, come outside then,” Medlock says to another woman who is locked in the room.

“You're a man,” Medlock responds. When Medlock says she's female, she is confronted by a woman who responds, “You have a penis.”

It's been quite a time for Averie.

On the 1st of April, the former cheerleader celebrated her participation on social media. Some of the hashtags on photos were “Scotti Williams — hair” and “Aaron N Teandrea Luedke — bra.”

Then on June 16th, Averie said Adios to a deadname:

“Dmontrey Duval Satchell ” has been laid to rest on June 16 2022! Averie Chanel Satchell has been raised. She is a woman, and she will be addressed as such!

“I currently am a woman within the State of Texas legally! Thank you, God, for letting my desires become reality. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this happening for me. I am truly grateful and honored to be living life as my own authentic self. it's like I'm at the top of the world!”

There is no way to be at the top of the world all the time.

In spite of that, says the Mail, the joke may be entirely on Karleigh and her father:

In an announcement, Ranger College said the school was launching an Title IX investigation into the incident.

“Ranger College takes any allegations regarding this kind seriously and is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment without discrimination. As of now, Ranger College is following all relevant Title IX regulations and Board Policies,” the school said.

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