Biden Pledges to Go Around Manchin

Joe Biden has been so preoccupied with getting the approval of Joe Manchin on climate change legislation that he's completely lost sight of the way Congress operates.

The most effective way to gain the support of Congress so that all of America supports it is to make sure that the legislation is supported by both sides. Manchin isn't the only thing stopping the legislation of Biden from moving forward. It's the fifty Republican senators who do not want to see it happening.

Manchin is just checking to make sure there's no tie.

If the bill was worthy of passing, at the very the very least, the one Republican Senator would sign on the legislation. Instead, the Democrats would like to push it at us and know that it's not only costly but also difficult to monitor.

Biden's climate action plan is risky. It's impossible to tell if the actions taken will help save the earth. In fact, we've made huge advances while countries such as India and China have done nothing to lessen their carbon footprint.

The whole idea that is “clean energy” has been ridiculed as a prank.

Electric grids are in a trough – the addition of more electric vehicles that require a space to connect will not help much. Also, the addition of more wind turbines that are susceptible to freezing in winter, or cease producing energy when there's no wind is only going to exacerbate the problem.

However, the Democrats are willing to overlook all the obvious issues and continue to go at full speed. It's not their money, therefore, why should they care?

“Action on climate change and clean energy remains more urgent than ever.” This is the latest statement released from the White House.

And Biden will go to any lengths to increase taxes on corporate America to ensure that there is enough money for this to be carried out. Biden has made it explicit that he's not concerned about gaining congressional approval.

“So let me say it out loud: If the Senate isn't able to address the climate crisis and build the domestic clean energy industry, I will take decisive executive action to address the needs of this moment. My actions will help create jobs, enhance the security of our energy supply, improve the manufacturing and supply chain in our country and ensure that we are safe from rising gas and oil prices in the near future and combat the issue of climate change.”

He then says that he isn't going to go back because he wants to “build a clean energy future.”

It's funny how he's concerned about creating jobs today. How many did he manage to get off when he shut the pipeline projects? He also talks about energy security, but the issue was eliminated after he was elected with a new executive decision.

Do you think someone will get rid of the pen that belongs to the madman who is in the Oval Office? Every problem we face here in our U.S. right now has been the result of his executive instructions.

If he focused on gaining bipartisan support the nation would be in better shape.

There's a reason that he cannot get bipartisan support: the plan isn't good.

This isn't the kind of thing America is looking for. Talk to anyone. They'll tell you that their primary worries are the high cost of gas as well as inflation, the difficulty of purchasing a house due to the federal government's interest rates, and perhaps education. Climate change is not high on the priority list of the common American.

Biden's “strong executive action” isn't required or desired. If he's hoping to become a great president (instead of his failures so far) he must begin to listen to what people actually need.

At the very least, Republicans, aand Joe Manchin, are listening.

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