LA Times Urges Biden to Declare Climate Crisis

You'd think Leftists, Democrats, and the global warming community would be happy about the Senate adoption of the ridiculously named “Inflation Reduction Act,” which, as we've talked about on RedState, is likely to increase inflation and provide an additional 87,000 IRS agents to harass you.

However, instead of celebrating the occasion, some are calling for the need for more. The once great Los Angeles Times is urging the president Joe Biden to declare a climate emergency and to use executive powers and other regulatory maneuvers to abandon fossil fuels. 

It is important to note that we are currently in the middle of a monkeypox health crisis and an ongoing COVID-related emergency. It almost makes you afraid to leave bed in the morning.

The LA Times writes, “With the possibility of congressional action becoming more likely (the Inflation Reduction Act], will Biden's pledge to tackle the climate crisis through executive orders and presidential declarations, or will regulatory powers be ignored?”

Let's hope that doesn't happen…

“The current threat is so severe that we must ask Biden to keep his commitment. This means applying all administration and executive power that is legally available to him to safeguard Americans from the effects of climate change as well as to boost renewable energy production and move to a non-carbon fuel. In addition, calling for a state of emergency could provide new options and tools, the president ought to make it happen.”

I'm not certain that this kind of leadership was the kind of leadership that the Founders were thinking about when they created the Constitution. I believe that there was an executive branch of the legislature that was supposed to make laws and a president was to ensure that they were enforced.

Is it just me, or do you feel you're in the middle of a republic that is ruled by bananas? We have a politicized justice system that has dawn raids on the elderly critics of the administration on processes crimes as well as an IRS which once targeted conservative organizations and is set to receive a lot more money, as well as a soft, one-sided press that functions as a spokesman to members of the Democrat Party, and a president who has stated that in the event that Congress does not pass his legislation, the president will enforce his rule through other methods.

Democrats, along with the mainstream media, have spent four years proclaiming the truth about Donald Trump as a fascist and a dictator, yet Trump never said anything as such or behaved near as dictatorial as Biden has. But the LA Times thinks Biden should behave as if we were at war:

“The more significant aspect than power of a symbolic declaration of an executive proclamation is the extent to which Biden utilizes the emergency status to mobilize new resources and create real changes.”

A declaration of emergency such as this one could provide additional funds for projects to combat climate change from the Pentagon that has long recognized climate change as an issue for the security of the nation. In the Stafford Act, which governs disaster preparation and relief, Biden could direct the Federal Emergency Management Agency to develop climate-friendly infrastructure in communities with low incomes of people of color who are most affected by natural disasters. The president can use his executive authority to boost renewable energy initiatives and the manufacturing of electric appliances and vehicles or apply it to restore the ban on the export of crude oil and also stop investments in fossil fuel-related projects overseas.

Do not bother with obtaining votes at the polls to bring about change, just make executive order. They're declaring, “Sure, voters don't support a Green New Deal, but go ahead and do it anyway.”

It appears to me that this article from the LA Times is openly urging President Biden to carry out exactly what they were terrified of during the Trump time. For example, disregard the Constitution and assume power that you don't have and rule with a ferocious hand regardless of the wishes of people. The Times, like so many other newspapers in the United States, has long since lost any actual credibility due to its biased reporting. However, this is an entirely new low for them.

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