Don’t Take the Bait on Trump Raid

On Monday night, the FBI made the bold move of raiding the residence of former president Donald Trump. What did they search for? Surprisingly, the information being revealed to the media indicates that they were looking for documents that could have violated the lawful Presidential Records Act.

In contrast to their claims of proving the existence of a conspiracy that took place on January 6, it seems that Democrats are using the power of the federal law enforcement agencies to drive Donald Trump out with selective enforcement of rules which are usually dealt with in a civil, not criminal, manner. Have we ever seen this before?

This is not a coincidence and it certainly can’t be justified. Even the possibility that Trump had certain documents required for preservation, this is the sort of thing which has been historically handled in court, not an FBI search, and the president was totally cooperative at this point.

In the meantime, Hunter Biden has been accused of numerous federal crimes, and his home hasn't been searched. Hillary Clinton was proven to be secretly storing classified information on a server that was private, and her home was not searched. It's not an issue of Trump as a person being in violation of the laws or not being a criminal, as certain left-wingers have falsely claimed. This is about a diverse set of regulations used based on the political philosophy that a person adheres to. In more simple terms, it's all about corruption that is blatantly obvious.

It's also all about baiting the trap.

There's nothing the Biden administration and the entire left desire more than another 6th, the day before the midterm elections. They are eager for it, and will do anything to manipulate reactions from the right to further feed their own narrative. Why? because they believe it will protect them from loss in the month of November.

Additionally, the FBI specifically seeks the right to justify its fight in the fight against “domestic terrorism.” They are determined to imprison those who are like you. All they require is someone who is on the right to go out and implement their scheme as well as the entire of the nation's institutions including the media to back the plan.

Let me say it bluntly: Don't give them what they want. 

It's not the right moment to play into the molds of adversaries, and you can't defeat the FBI and other corrupt institutions by launching a series of attacks from outside.The red line was crossed in this attack on the Trump residence and the retaliation for his election is a legitimate option. But it should be done with methods that are efficient, which is taking a strategic approach and taking the long view. It's going take the form of a Republican Congress from 2022 as well as an Republican President in 2024 in order to make progress against this insane. There's only one method, and after the game is over to the right, any Republican politician who does not have the strength to fight back is going to be exiled.

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