Media Continues to Denies Obvious about Monkeypox

The true “Don't Say Gay” is the media's attempt to ignore the obvious. Monkeypox isn't spreading like wildfire across the monogamous, non-bathhouse population. It's not infecting large portions of people who don't take part in gay parties. It's growing like the San Francisco fog through the gay community who apparently believe that having sexual relations with 15 anonymous males isn't a risk. As it turns out, it is. Monkeypox is most often and continuously transmitted via sex, and, in the majority of cases (around 97 percent) gay males who are unable to keep their penis inside their pants. However, just cover your wounds with band-aids and you’ll be good to go.

What has the media done to address this? Attempt to deny the obvious. The media states “we don't want to stigmatize the gay community”. Most of the people are gay however we don't want to harm their feelings by stating a fact that is obvious. Ok Media.

The bathhouse is infected with pox!

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