Private Message from Trump to Merrick Garland Revealed

Now it's getting very interesting in America. “It,” of course is an FBI investigation into Donald Trump and Melania Trump's private home at Mar-a-Lago. As reported by a variety of sources on Sunday, the former president had sent an unintentional note to the Attorney General Merrick Garland, on the Thursday before the Justice Department afternoon news conference. Take a bite of popcorn: content of the message has been released.

Just prior to the press event, a source close to Trump called an official from the Justice Department to deliver a message to Garland. As reported in The New York Times, the text message Trump wanted to pass to Garland is:

The nation is burning. Can I take steps to lessen the heat?

The speculation can begin. I'll be happy to start.

Apart from the shock on my face as I first saw the message, I thought to myself, “You gotta be kidding me.” There is no way this is in line with the persona of Trump particularly where The Donald does battle with his enemies. And then I thought, assuming that the message is authentic and genuine, why would he want to send it? To Merrick Garland and all people? Did it come from a legitimate concern?

Was Trump truly worried about the country being “on fire” — an issue with the left that he helped fuel throughout his presidency as well as following the 2020 presidential election and was he really thinking about what he could accomplish for the country to “reduce the heat”?

Or was it a plot by Trump to seem to be reasonable to Garland in an effort to make some sort of redress? I'm not sure — neither are the rest of us, therefore, I won't speculate.

Do not misunderstand. I'm not suggesting that any of the above could be wrong for Trump however, there are still questions -for the simple reason that the facts don't match and are not the opposite of the Donald Trump some have come to love and know over the past seven years.

As we reported on Thursday, the principal issue is:

What was the reason for the FBI searching Mar-a-Lago only two months after Trump secretly received an order from a grand jury to produce classified documents from the National Archives, and then freely cooperated by releasing the requested documents? Trump also turned over security surveillance footage from his storage locker at home and assisted federal agents and an experienced Justice Department lawyer in searching the locker, according to multiple witnesses who claimed Trump was a cooperator with them extensively.

What has changed in the span over two weeks?

If Trump has voluntarily and openly cooperated, and the DOJ was later able to obtain additional information, such as documents Trump was unable to produce in the first instance, why would they not issue a new subpoena, rather than conducting an entire search? These are valid questions but they may be a little naive in the context of the past inhumane tactics used by former FBI director James Comey against Trump.

The decision taken by Merrick Garland's Department of Justice to conduct an investigation into Mar-a-Lago does not seem to be justified in light of the facts we have as well as it doesn't align with the DOJ's previous decisions that were not made in cases that did not involve Donald Trump. In the event that Garland's “final okay,” which was the only one he did during his news conference, was based on the president's claimed removal of classified materials in his White House, that would seem to be a clear double legal standard.

What happened to the raid at Hillary Clinton's home after a software maker boasted that its productBleachbit was used to erase nearly 33,000 email messages from an email server Hillary used to conduct government-related State Department business, in obvious violation of the government's policies? It's amazing; Hillary later claimed the deleted emails contained personal matters, not related to work, such as yoga sessions, and even the planning of Chelsea's wedding.

But Donald Trump's home was searched, only two months following the time he had voluntarily cooperated with a subpoena that was secretly issued. Furthermore, prior violations of the Presidential Records Act have generally been punished with administrative fines. Not with raids on the homes of former presidents and/or criminal prosecution.

Perhaps there are valid justifications for the apparent double standard in the Trump case, but they haven't yet been unveiled. However “maybe” the raid on Mar-a-Lago was the next episode in the TDS-laced ongoing witch-hunt by the Democrat Party against Trump.

A witch-hunt that started prior to the time Donald Trump was even sworn into the presidency.

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