Arizona Creates its Own Border Wall in the Best Way Possible

Arizona recently began creating its own wall in order to bridge the gap along the Yuma section of the border with Mexico, and it's an innovative approach to ease the ongoing conflict.

The state is utilizing storage containers that are welded together to block the open areas effectively. The construction began quickly upon the announcement of the project by Republican Governor Doug Ducey. The progress they had made in just a few days was breathtaking.

That is doing things the right way.

For the fiscal year in 2022, the Yuma sector has witnessed 259,895 encounters with migrants according to Customs and Border Patrol statistics. This number is indicative of a wider trend across the Southwest where there have been 1.8 million encounters since September 2021, which is more than the previous fiscal year.

Some are asking the reason why this wasn’t done earlier. The real issue is that the Biden administration has not taken the time to help its hardworking border patrol officers and Southwestern communities. The Department of Homeland Security announced in July that they were going to make up for any gaps across the border in Yuma, however the state decided it was better to not wait for them to solve the problem.

Ducey and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have received criticism from Democrats for their solutions to the crisis at the border, specifically when they decided to send migrants to the East Coast. But those Democrats, such as Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser or New York City Mayor Eric Adams have not discussed the impact that the huge influx of people can cause on towns that do not have as many resources as the cities they serve.

There was some controversy over the storage container technique, as two containers collapsed during a storm, but the governor's office swiftly denied the claims.

“Let’s be clear: this incident took place prior to completion of placing and securing the containers to the ground. After fully securing them, the containers are linked together, bolted in place and welded shut,” the 9th Floor account tweeted. Based upon the fact that other containers in the vicinity were still in place, it seems to be a valid explanation of what transpired.

Political leaders can argue about the immigration system as much as they like, however it isn't going to alter the fact that a disproportionately massive number of immigrants coming across the border creates challenges for authorities and residents alike.

Arizona deserves to be praised for taking bold steps towards transforming the border region into a better place to live.

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