Liz Cheney borrows Mitt Romney’s RINO2022 Station Wagon for Trip out of DC

The day before the elections, Liz Cheney flew back to Wyoming, put on her fake cowboy boots and headed for the event. A slew of people attended.

Most people were bored and waiting to hear her stop talking and to open the buffet line.

She received endorsements from Nancy and the J6 group. Other relentless conservatives such as Al Franken and Rob Reiner joined the chuck wagon. Kevin Costner wore a t-shirt in support of Liz Cheney. She could have picked up a couple of Wyoming votes with it.

The day before, Darth Vader slouched next to his daughter Liz after she cast her ballot. Liz provided some final (possibly illicit electioneering) “democracy is on the ropes” shots in front of the polling station. She appeared defeated before the loss became officially declared. Vader was standing beside her, looking as if the force had been taken from his shotgun.

Vader along with the Carpetbaggers were unable to find sufficient Democrats to crossover in order to save precious Liz. Oh, the irony. She's now removed from Congress. Don't worry. Liz has a short drive from the Capitol. Her lawyer husband and she will stay close to D.C., because the most important money and power isn't located on the Hill but deep in the swamp. It's about who you know, it's who you advocate for, and the people you eliminate.

Or Liz Cheney plans to run for president. This would be an absolute hoot. Will she run as a Democrat? Or a Republican? Or the newly formed RINO party?

In any case, she's made an appearance in a sturdy and borrowed Mitt Romney old station wagon for her summer vacation. She secured her beloved RINO (don't worry, it's safe there) on top of her wagon and then waved goodbye to Romney. Adam Kinzinger couldn't be there to tell her goodbye. He was puffing up his record in the military of driving a flying gas truck and mean-tweeting at other veterans.

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