Trump Takes Things to a New Level and Starts Endorsing Democrats

Donald Trump may be dealing with a federal criminal probe in the wake of the FBI's raid of his house, yet he's still having a blast. It's up to you to decide what you think of him, but it's evident that he is funny.

That was quite evident on Wednesday when Trump started endorsing Democrats.

If you're not aware of who Daniel Goldman is, he's the hack lawyer who Adam Schiff used for Trump's first impeachment. Goldman has since turned into an internet personality and has made many cable news hits. Trump has backed him, however in a statement that reads “while it was my honor to beat him, and beat him badly, Dan Goldman has a wonderful future ahead.” The Carolyn Maloney endorsement is also hilarious, although not quite as much as the Goldman endorsement.

It is clear that Trump is aiming for them to lose and is putting his weight behind the campaign to persuade voters into supporting their opponents. If Trump is fond of Goldman, he shouldn't be trusted to be a representative for the 10th district of New York, right?

I'm going to miss this when Trump is gone, regardless of whether it's because he fails to win in the next election or if he wins and finishes out his term. Any person who still doesn't understand the reason why the former president is so loved by his loyal supporters is being ignorant. The charisma and humor are evident, regardless of what personal emotions Trump might evoke in some people.

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