Top Aides Believe a Family Member Implicated Trump

This keeps getting more interesting.

Top aides of the former president have thought from the beginning that the raid on Mar-a-Lago by the FBI occurred after Trump was targeted by a person in his own family. According to The Guardian, both Trump and his advisers believe that a family member might have alerted the FBI to the exact place of classified documents inside a particular leather-bound container, and the location of his safe.

In another report, which is reminiscent of Nixon and Watergate, Trump is allegedly becoming increasingly suspicious, to the point where he is reportedly suspecting that his wife Melania might be an informant for the FBI. Other family members that are possible suspects are Trump's daughter Ivanka and her spouse, former Trump Advisor Jared Kushner.

As per Yahoo News, Trump's estranged niece, Mary, and his former attorney Michael Cohen have both felt that Kushner could be the mole. But neither has provided proof to support this claim.

This is where the standard disclaimer for controversial reports is necessary.

No one is sure what was said, or who said it, to cause the raid. This is why speculation won’t help until the actual facts become available. People who want to speculate are free to speculate. However, we need evidence and not speculation.

If I had to offer an opinion about a family members that I suspect, I'd say that, of the family members listed in the previous paragraph, Melania would be the least likely, and Ivanka would be the second. Kushner could be the informant. Furthermore, Jared and Ivanka seem the most plausible because of how close they are to Trump and their positions in his White House. They also have been reportedly distancing themselves from Trump since his departure from the White House.

Furthermore, Ivanka has publicly rejected her father's claim that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged,” telling the January 6 Committee that she believed former Attorney General William Barr's claim that Trump's beliefs about the election were “bullsh*t” and she “believed what he was saying.” Trump dismissed her remarks by saying that she was “checked out.” However, it is hard to believe that there is that much of a political divide in the Trump family. So, this is why Kushner is my main suspect if someone did, in fact, leak the information as is suspected.  

Agents were said to have taken more than 12 boxes of items that included “highly classified” information. They also seemed to be taking advantage of “witness testimony” that Trump did not return all of the classified documents demanded by Justice Department and National Archives in a secret subpoena in June that Trump, according to reports, “extensively complied” with.

It’s not clear what happened, however, I do know that something transpired in the next two months that prompted the FBI to look for additional evidence. This time it was with an entire raid instead of another subpoena.

The bottom line is the possibilities are endless. What exactly happened? What was the reason for the raid, given that Trump was reported to have complied with the subpoena in June? Was the FBI informed by someone from Trump's family or inner circle? If it was someone from the family, which one was it and why?

We don't yet have the answer to these questions. Hopefully, they will be revealed soon.

In the meantime, anyone who says they do is only making a speculation.  

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