Brian Stelter’s Last Delusional Rant Reveals Why He Was Given the Boot

Sunday marked the final day for “Reliable Sources” and Brian Stelter on CNN.

The show that ended last night showed precisely the reasons the show was canceled and also the reason Stelter was fired. It's obvious how upset the actor was at being sacked and the tears were sweet as he attempted to justify his actions.

Curtis Houck of NewsBusters took the shot for us all and plunged into the wreck.

“We're just half an hour into the finale of reliable Sources with the arrogance, and apathy towards conservatives who claim that “the truth isn't impartial” in Stelter's and Carl Bernstein is flowing. The program has already proven why the show is being canceled.”

“Second segment” for Brian Stelter's last show the threat to journalists' lives and how risky it is to be a journalist in America due to the extreme right. Ah, yes. Being an editor in America is just like working in China, Myanmar, North Korea, or Russia!” Houck declared…

The act of mocking and criticizing bad CNN hosts doesn't mean placing their lives in danger.

However, Stelter wants to create an illusion of being some sort of mythical knight fight to defend “democracy” against the evil Donald Trump. This isn't just a lie and delusional, it isn't journalism.

“CNN's Brian Stelter decries outside criticism of journalism as a “poisonous cloud” that's spreading across the country and throughout the globe. He also says that he's “proud” to have worked for a company when they were aware of the need to take on and defeat Trump,” Houck explained…

Is it wrong to critique journalism? Isn't that what the show of Stelter had been supposed to focus on? That's certainly the reason Stelter has left because his show did not accomplish that goal; it devolved into a constant battle against Fox News and Trump. However, it was funny when he discussed the reason why the media didn't report the crucial stories that should be reported. Then, he as well as Carl Bernstein immediately went back to the story of “democracy” being in danger from authoritarianism (the translation that to them, this means Trump).

As we pointed out, CNN is probably not finished with the removal of its employees yet, while they attempt to tidy up and restore the ship.

His final exit was an open confusion regarding what his position in media has been in the past couple of years. At the end of the day, his voice was close to tears.

“I am aware that it is not partisan to advocate for justice and democracy and dialog. It's not an issue of partisanship to confront the demagogues. It's required, it's patriotic. We need to ensure that we don't provide the platforms to those who lie in the public,” Stelter claimed.

The world's free people need a “reliable source,” he concluded. Yet, he's partisan and was far from being an authentic source for quite a long time. If he believes that we shouldn't provide a platform to “those lying to our faces,” it's possible to think about why he got the removal.

Then we had the perfect ending when the lights dim on Stelter And that's the end of it.

The world is a bit cleaner and now they've taken some of the rubbish out.

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