The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Democrats Hit New Levels of sloppy Posturing towards Biden

President Joe Biden begins his US Tour this week, as a way to boost his popularity and increase the number of Democratic Party candidates by selling the public on recent policy “wins”. In the past, on Saturday I noted the fact that in Nevada, Democrats were abstaining from the unpopular Biden when he was on the campaign tour. 

The Biden-aversion has been spreading to Arizona. In Sunday's appearance on CNN's “State of the Union” anchor, Jake Tapper asks Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) if it would be a good idea for Biden to support him in his campaign in Arizona. Kelly replies, “Hey, I will welcome anybody to come to Arizona, travel around the state at any time — as long as I'm here if I'm not up in Washington in session — and talk about what Arizona needs,”

Or, not everyone can discern nuance or we have to remain adamant about limited understanding because The Hill wrote that Kelly “welcomes Biden on the campaign”. No, he didn't. He claimed he'd be open to anyone… when answering the question with an exclamation of Hey. Kelly's reply was a ploy and an attempt to be courteous when he was offered an item he didn't want to be offered.

When they talk about Sen. Kelly being at risk, the term refers to an incumbent that is ahead by eight points, but we shouldn't be picking on her. The headlines are putting on a show by claiming that weak Dems wait for Biden who is the lifeblood of the party to stroll into the fray and reenergize their campaigns. However, this kind of storytelling is untrue as well as a nightmare to observe. Some outlets aren't making a big deal about Biden's popularity as a surrogate my colleague Joe Cunningham points out. The Washington Post isn't waiting to let “democracy die in darkness” by shining light on Biden's lack of popularity.

The president isn't in advertisements. The president is mostly unnamed on the campaign's websites and Twitter accounts. Candidates in the most important contests that are battleground states are unwilling to invite him to join their campaigns — or are avoiding him when they do.

Alongside the snubs that are piling in from the state's Dems, Rep. Tim Ryan's (D-OH) absence from the early July Biden visit to Cleveland and Georgia Gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams (D) not attending the Atlanta visit along with Biden on January 1, a few Democrats are running for Biden. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) has launched ads claiming that she's “fighting back” and that she “doesn't work for Joe Biden”. The ads tell people that she's “working with Republican Rob Portman, protecting our jobs.”

In the last month, Kaptur was a cheerleader for Biden when he was campaigning in Ohio in announcing Biden's Inflation Reduction Act as a successful success. Kaptur is the longest-serving woman in Congress trying to win an additional 20 years in office. Kaptur is a supporter of Joe Biden 100% of the time.

It's an evident fact that Kaptur has read polls throughout her time in the office, makes notes, and responds accordingly. Kelly was professional and polite in his nationally broadcast response to everyone, including Biden as a person who is welcome. 

For people who care about their vote, it's offensive and unacceptable to watch politicians becoming inflexible, bending the facts: Biden is super cringey and prone to gaffes and confusion and a major danger to the candidate and the country at large. Democrats are fleeing the country and hoping not to get targeted in their elections. The Biden-aversion tour only started and the Emperor isn't dressed.

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