Biden Shows Again How Little He Cares

Joe Biden has hit a number of records during his term as president including the most expensive gas prices in history and a record-setting 40-year-high inflation.

However, he has just reached a second milestone: more time off than his previous predecessors in terms of their tenure.

Biden was diagnosed with COVID on July 21. He was then isolated for 13 days because of COVID. After he had two negative results, he was off for Delaware for the weekend.

He then went on his last vacation on the 10th of August, staying in the mansion worth $20 million of a Democratic donors in Kiawah Island on South Carolina for almost a week. He returned the 16th of August to sign what was allegedly the Inflation Reduction Act, and the following night, he left for Delaware.

He is expected to return Wednesday to attend a DNC party and then go back to Delaware for the holiday weekend.

In this case, perhaps the issue shouldn't be about how many days off he gets, however, but if he does work at all?

His vacation time has surpassed Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and George W. Bush -He's spent over 150 total days Delaware, according to the journalist Mark Knoller who keeps track of such events.

Knoller's totals also showed that the former president Donald Trump had spent a total of 132 consecutive days between the Mar-a-Lago resort, where he visited 17 times, as well as his golf club located in Bedminster, NJ, where the president traveled 13 times.

The former president Barack Obama had taken eight vacations during his 19-month term, and accumulated 38 vacation days in Hawaii as well as Martha's Vineyard.

The former president George W. Bush had visited his Texas ranch 14 times over a period of 100 days.

Biden has also visited Camp David 18 times. Based on a Republican count, Biden has been on vacation for more than 200 days, and has spent about 35% of his time to date on vacation.

It's the time that people are being sucked into by the Bidenflation as well as it is reported that the “Suffering Index” is at an all-time record. Americans put off their holidays and discretionary spending. The first anniversary of the disaster that was the departure from Afghanistan, Biden was at the beach. Nobody has been accountable for any of the colossal mistakes that led to the death of thirteen Americans and injured hundreds. Many Americans were still missing after the pullout, which Biden as well as his staff lied about.

“How out-of-touch can Joe Biden get? Biden has been spending the entire month of August on vacation. Americans are forced to postpone their summer vacations due to the record-breaking inflation rate, the high gas rates, and the downturn. Biden should put an end to his whirlwind of jet setting from beach to beach and focus on resolving the problems caused by his policies,” RNC spokeswoman Emma Vaughn stated in a statement released on Saturday.

Biden's press secretary attempted to claim that it was a “non-stop job” wherever Biden was; however, Biden has ended that tactic himself before by stating that the press is aware that he's on “vacation” and you shouldn't be pestering him.

Does this holiday gambit represent an attempt to cover him up? Perhaps. If he's not in his spotlight, people don't notice the many mistakes. We are aware this because Democratic candidates have done their best to be seen as a part of his lack of popularity won't make their campaigns look bad. Perhaps this is similar to hiding his campaign in the cellar during the campaign: away from view and out of mind and the public's anger will decrease.

If that's the intention, it doesn't seem like it's doing much good, considering Biden's approval ratings are still at the bottom and the fact that he's on continuous vacation makes him appear to be even more disengaged.

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