Memos show Joe Biden Tried to Entrap Donald Trump Over

A new report sheds some light on how the DOJ's inquiry of Donald Trump over supposed ” classified documents” at Mar-a-Lago began. The FBI has recently searched Trump's former Florida home, and claimed violation of the Espionage Act and other national security concerns.

What followed the unprecedented incident was a string of coordinated leaks coming from inside the government that were designed to make Trump appear guilty of his criminal acts. What happened to reach this point?

It was reportedly started by an incident at the National Archives, which is controlled by a partisan hack who chose to deal with Trump differently than previous presidents. The moment Barack Obama took millions of pages of documents, which included those that were classified, when he left his post after his departure, his successor at the National Archives gave him a sweetheart agreement that allowed him to digitize all of it in the future (none of this has occurred over the years and, to our surprise, there was no raid). In fact, there have been presidents whose libraries aren't able to return requested documents for decades after their death. For Trump however, the National Archives didn't even give the president a year to run to the DOJ to request an investigation into criminality.

After having the “crime” pinpointed, the National Archives and the DOJ required a legal loop and, apparently, they were able to get it through directly working directly with officials from the Biden administration. This has been confirmed by memos examined in The News. 

The memos indicate that the Whitehouse Deputy Attorney General Jonathan Su was engaged in discussions about officials from the FBI, DOJ, and National Archives from as early as April, just following the return of 15 containers of classified as well as other items were given to the national agency for historical research from Donald Trump's Florida residence.

In May, Su told the Archives that the President Joe Biden would not object to a waiver of his predecessor's claim to executive claims, a move which opened the way for the DOJ to request an appeals court to issue subpoenas that would require Trump to surrender the remaining documents he had during his time as president.

The plots are summarized in a variety of emails and memos that were exchanged between various agencies in the spring of 2022, just a few months prior to when the FBI decided to take the unusual action of raiding Trump's Florida property using a warrant from a court.

A specific letter addressed to the legal team of Trump outlines Biden's White House counsel telling the National Archives that the administration had renounced Trump's prior claims that executive privilege was not a matter of fact.

This letter confirmed that Biden authorized his National Archives and Records Administration to release any claims to executive privilege Trump might use to prevent the DOJ from accessing the documents.

“The Counsel to the President has informed me that, in light of the particular circumstances presented here, President Biden defers to my determination, in consultation with the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel, regarding whether or not I should uphold the former President's purported ‘protective assertion of executive privilege,'” Wall wrote. “… I have , therefore, taken the decision not to honor the former President's “protective' claim to privilege.”

My friend Matt Margolis over at PJ Media describes the incident as entrapment. I'm with him. This is exactly what it appears like. Trump was doing what a lot of presidents before him did in claiming that he had executive privilege with regard to documents that originated of his presidency. The idea that a future president, especially one who is a political opponent, would then be able to waive this and allow the criminal investigation to go into place is a joke, however, that's exactly the case in this case.

The DOJ was not authorized to examine the documents, however Biden worked with them and with the National Archives to remove all legal hurdles in order to facilitate the investigation for Trump. This is the Russian collusion hoax yet again, only instead of the filthy Steele Dossier acting as the hook, you now have an email from Biden's lawyer blocking the executive privileges of an ex-president. The concept and motivation are identicall: to get Trump using any means needed.

The obvious conclusion here could be that the Biden administration made up their mind when they claimed they did not have any involvement in the DOJ's investigation into Trump concerning these documents. Evidently, they did as their actions enabled it to move forward at all, and they were aware of what the DOJ was looking for right from the start. Instead of sticking with the past, Biden took the radical step of using executive privilege to pursue his main adversaries in order to establish the foundation for an investigation into Biden. The degree of corruption and misuse of power is staggering. One could even say it's impeachable.

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