Teacher on TikTok Blames White People for Unsafe World

An educator on Twitter has an appeal for whites, especially those in the academic world: Do not put other people in danger.

This is a new era that uses phones as slingshots of soliloquy to blast monologues into the internet. The messages are often polished and presented like a crowd eager to hear and learn.

It's the latest national activity.

In a clip uploaded by the group Libs Of TikTok, an individual who identifies herself as a school teacher reveals research on America's — and education's — insufficiently colored background.

In the beginning, she rings the bell of the community:

“Okay white educators. This is for you.”

She then cuts the clip to perform the look-to-the-side-and-lower-your-voice-and-adorably-raise-your-eyebrows-and-squint move found in an astonishingly large number of TikTok tangents.

I'm not sure if this is an online platform requirement to post. It's a matter of debate.


“I mean, really, most of these are gonna be for y'all.”

She's worried about the safety of her school:

“White educators should be a safe space for black students.”

Then, the line is repeated to emphasize the point.

Based on the assumption of the lady, Caucasian educators marvel that they aren't able to be in touch with black children. It's time for these educators to admit that they appear terrifying:

“If you're wondering why you're not able to connect with ‘those kids' (insert another instance of the aforementioned Standard TikTok Expression [STTE]), it's probably because they don't feel safe around you.”

A caption is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Consider how exhausting it is, and also the emotional trauma that experiencing the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous as well as People Of Color) experience.

The woman then coughs up a bit of sugar:

“I say, I'm going to be truthful with you. There are a lot of white people, especially white strangers — to whom I'm on guard. It's because I'm trying to shield myself from these people. I'm not sure if this is a secure person. The same is true for children.”

She concludes with a helpful principle:

“[I]f you decide to gloss over instances of racism or decide that Black Lives Matter is a political thing, you're not a safe person.”

I'm not able to confirm whether she's a teacher. However her presentation is representative of where we are.

I believe her argument is based on the last several years' insistence that America is and has always been a racist country, that different colors should not co-exist…and that both parties on the political spectrum in agreement with just one belief can be described as “safety.”

In the past -in the realm of race relations, the nation was moving forward. Humanity was advancing beyond the idea that hues of skin distinguished tribal warring groups.

In the case of “safety,” the term has always been used to protect from actual danger.

For a long time, America appeared to be becoming more mature; but generally it was trying to maintain its strength.

A significant change was made. We've traded strength for fragility, and unity for dispersion.

In all the talk about “diversity” being a strength that it's not but we've forgotten what really makes us strong: unity which is the consensus of people who are tolerant and independent.

However, forget about all that today the focus is on TikTok. Try to be protected in a land filled with whites.

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