Additional Whistleblowers Reveal “Out of Control” FBI With Fake Cases and Affidavits

News has come out in the past about the whistleblowers who have come forward in the wake of their concerns about the politicization of the FBI regarding the Hunter Biden case, Trump matters, as well as cases of terrorism in the US.

Now, many more anonymous whistleblowers are coming out to reveal that the Bureau's leadership has become “out of control” in offices across the nation.

Whistleblowers have complained about an environment that is characterized by “corruption, cover-ups and retaliation” against those seeking to expose the corruption in the offices of Miami, Salt Lake City, Buffalo, and Newark.

The complaints also included claims that supervisors forced employees to sign false affidavits, created fake terrorism cases in order to inflate their performance, or sexually harassed, or were involved in sexual interactions with subordinates.

A whistleblower who complained that her superiors, like FBI Director Chris Wray, ignored her complaints of sexual harassment also claimed that the “bureau suffers from a “mob-like mentality.”

“The FBI is completely out of control and its culture and structure needs to change. Not only is the political bias completely out of control and disgustingly obvious, the FBI knows they will not be held accountable for their illegal behavior and misconduct,” she said in a letter to Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican on the Judiciary Committee.

One whistleblower that worked in Buffalo stated that, due to the fact that the FBI management was focused on the number of cases, some supervisors overstated the number of cases, for terrorism cases, to help their performance reviews.

“You have to have so many terrorism cases per year in your office, or else you fail,” he said. “So they would come to us and say things like ‘Open up a case. I don’t care if it’s got merit or not. Just open it up. We only have nine, and we need 10 for me to pass.’”

Kurt Siuzdak, who is representing some of the FBI whistleblowers, has detailed more.

“Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, there’s a number of field offices, and the SAC picks somebody for everybody to follow because it helps them with their metrics,” Mr. Siuzdak said. “So they pick somebody to scrutinize, often without merit from wherever, and that’s the bad guy you need to follow and put your assets on.”

Mr. Siuzdak said different field offices have different names for these holiday operations, such as “Turkey Day Terrorist” or “Thanksgiving Day Terrorist.”

It's a complete waste of time and money. However, it gets even worse.

Siuzdak claimed that some customers were forced to sign a fake affidavit. This could be considered a crime in the event that they made an untrue statement to a judge, and then affirming the false representation.

It is a sign of a major issue in management, especially when they coerce or making false statements. How common is this?

This also raises an important question, in light of the unprecedented FBI operation against President Trump that they refuse to explain the motive behind, or even explain why they don’t want to have the affidavit released. Is the explanation they provided to the judge valid? Did they inform the judge that Trump was working with government officials? Or did they concoct an excuse to be able to enter and take what they'd like?

We've already learned that the warrant was extremely broad that it allowed them to take any document created during the Trump presidency as well as any other documents that were stored in the vicinity of the documents they sought. In addition, it has been discovered that the White House lied when they claimed that they had no prior information regarding the raid. Not only that, Biden's White House was involved from the beginning in direct collaboration with Justice Department and the National Archives to launch the criminal probe into the allegations of mishandling documents.

Republicans will have a lot of work to do when they take back the House, to clean up the mess. However, we have to take the House back in order to make any changes.

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