Biden’s Closest Aide is Leaving His Job

There has been a constant flow of people leaving from offices of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Reportedly there were over 30 senior personnel have left since Biden and Harris began working in their offices.

Another senior staffer, who was in some ways the closest adviser of Joe Biden, is now going to leave at the end of the week to work with the Transportation Department.

Stephen Goepfert has been Biden's “bodyman” since the beginning of his 2020 campaign. A “bodyman” is a personal aide to Biden who stays with him all day and assists him with whatever is needed as well as watching out for Biden. It can be a hectic job for someone working with a normal person, however when you consider how confused Biden is often, it must be a nightmare trying to protect him.

Goepfert is probably also able to tell some stories if he ever revealed them to the media. If you've been employed in the White House but are willing to leave for a regular job in the Transportation Department, when usually you work hard to get a job in the White House, you know that it was hard. We've seen it a lot in the case of those who are looking to quit serving for Biden or Harris.

“You’re literally at the border of where the President’s privacy and public duties sit — you have to have the right touch and right skill set,” Steve Ricchetti, a counselor to the President, told CNN. “Stephen has had the ability and the willingness to help the President navigate everything he did throughout the day. That ends up being a critical role.”

This is one way to put it. A caregiver for someone who should have retired years ago is a better way to put it.

Biden issued an official statement regarding the departure of Goepfert.

“From the campaign to the White House, Stephen Goepfert has been by my side,” Biden said in a statement. “In moments big, small, and extraordinary, he’s been a trusted and loyal confidant who everyone counts on and who always delivers.”

“Jill and I will miss Stephen, but we’re proud that he will continue to serve the American people in his new role in the Biden-Harris administration as he continues his career in public service,” he continued.

Goepfert has been replaced by the White House receptionist, Jacob Spreyer.

They might continue replacing staff members, but the issue isn't the personnel. The issue lies with Biden, Harris, and the policies. There's only so much you can do. The policies remain a failure, no matter how you try to replace personnel or modify the messages.

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