Nikki Fried Loses Big in FL Dem Primary, and Now She’ll Need a New Reason to Stalk DeSantis

We've written about the bizarre machinations of Nikki Fried, the Florida Democrat whose goal was to face Gov. Ron DeSantis in November in his bid for re-election in Florida. However, only one of the DeSantis administration-obsessed women running for office in Florida could win the primary, and it wasn't her.

Fried will now need to find another reason to focus on DeSantis and to be present at his events.

The former Republican Charlie Crist, who's also an ex-governor of Florida will challenge DeSantis in the November election. In spite of all of Fried's media exposure, which made her well known, donors and prominent liberal groups like Emily's List and AFL-CIO all chose Crist by offering money and endorsements. In the end, some people do not think it's a good idea for a non-fringe candidate to make and post memes with photoshopped images accusing the governor of being a “dick-tater.”

… Or suggesting that a sex tape exists somewhere by denying a charge that nobody ever made wasn’t the most effective media strategy.

Unfortunately, the race wouldn't be as thrilling without Fried being in it, but it’s possible that Fried will continue to assert herself in the race, whether as a provocateur or as someone simply obsessed with someone who probably doesn't even think about her.

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