Paul Manafort Gives Definitive Answer When Asked if He Believes Trump will Run in 2024

Paul Manafort, who was the former campaign manager of Donald Trump, spoke with Chris Cuomo on “The Chris Cuomo Project” regarding various subjects. Here’s an overview of the key points of their discussion.

When Cuomo asked Manafort whether he believed that the former president will run for the presidency in 2024, Manafort replied: “Absolutely. More so now than I did two weeks ago.”

Cuomo asked: “Is that because of what you know or because of how you feel?”

Manafort has responded in more specific terms, stating:

“It’s because of what I know about him. Has he told me that personally? No. But I know the man. I know that when he was elected president in 2016, people didn’t understand why he was elected, how he was elected, and they didn’t understand him as a person. They still don’t, and the raid on his home was not something that was going to discourage them. If anything, it was going to make him more steadfast in his thinking about running.”

Cuomo inquired if Manafort believed the FBI “exercising the search warrant” was an attempt to evade the law. Without doubt, Manafort responded, “Yes.”

Cuomo asked Manafort to tell him if he believed that what the FBI did was to “chill Donald Trump and make him think twice.” Manafort said:

“Well, I have a hard time thinking that because they should know that’s not the measure of the man … If you think about, when Trump was elected in 2016 … one of the key slogans at his rallies ‘Lock her up! Lock her up!’ He becomes President; what did he do? He didn’t lock her up. He didn’t go after her. He didn’t turn the scales of justice against her because he understood all the history of this country … You don’t go after your political opponents. Not only is he the past political opponent, he very likely could be the next political opponent … The threat to democracy is very grave, by doing something like this.”

Regarding Trump's choice of Vice President, Manafaort said that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) “doesn't give Trump what he needs,” saying he's in need of “somebody like” Senator Tim Scott (R-SC). Manafort said he doesn't believe DeSantis will be running for president in 2024, if Trump decides to run.

Cuomo then asked whether he thought Trump would invite DeSantis to join his team; Manafort responded: “I don't think he gets asked.”

When Cuomo asked if Manafort will be part of the 2024 campaign, Manafort responded:

“Am I willing to get back in again? I don’t think so. I mean I’ll help whoever the Republican nominee is. But now at this stage of my life, after what I’ve just gone through, my focus is my family.”

After the interview, a few Twitter users attempted to discredit and shame Cuomo for having a conversation with Manafort.

The interview was informative. They discussed what happened in the FBI investigation, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the 2024 Presidential race, Manafort “getting his life back,” and many other subjects.

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