School Board Candidates Backed by DeSantis Win, Wokeism Hit Hard

A night of incredible significance for local politics and possibly a signpost of the future in local school districts across the nation, Florida saw many conservative school board members get elected across Florida.

During the Tuesday primary elections, the Governor encouraged Floridians to go vote for conservative candidates that were running for open seats throughout the state.

Out of the thirty candidates he endorsed, 25 were able to win their elections. Some boards had the chance to change from liberal to conservative, and they did. Sarasota County flipped their school board from a 3-2 majority for liberals to a conservative majority of 4-1. The Miami Dade school board also switched their majority from liberal to conservative, which makes them the largest county in America to have a conservative school board.

The shocking results of the Florida election have brought a variety of issues to the forefront.

The fact that we live in a period when national media outlets are reporting on local school board elections shows how desperate American voters are. Parents reached their limits with “social justice” political posturing and demeaning curriculum. It went too far. Local races have become tough fights as Americans grapple with the hard lessons of the past two years due to the past couple years of excesses.

The results in Florida could be a hint of the future in November, since other school board elections across the nation will be on general ballots. Even if Congress does not have a red wave, school boards across America just might.

Is this another indication when comparing Trump to Ron DeSantis that they’re the “same but different?” There's been a lot of discussion about the fact that Trump remains an innovator in the game and is trying to be a “king maker,” with numerous endorsements that have been successful to his credit so far. How about DeSantis? As Governor, he might not be endorsing candidates nationally. But, in a time in which local elections have become of bigger importance than federal elections and the Florida Governor has a phenomenal record of picking the most successful conservative candidates, it speaks volumes about his “king making” ability where it matters most.

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