Never Trumper’s Desperate Attack on DeSantis Fails

This week, Ron DeSantis' reelection campaign released a campaign video named “Top Gov,” which was a parody of the blockbuster films “Top Gun” (1986) and ” Top Gun: Maverick” (2022).

Since it showed DeSantis dressed in an aviator outfit and seated in what appeared to be a fighter aircraft jet (along with his son) when he was discussing confronting critics, which included the liberal media, it triggered the usual people, including Stuart Stevens, whose claims to be fame include being a senior advisor to the supporters at the Lincoln Project, which is funded by dmocrats, and shamelessly employing one of his daughters to criticize him.

Stevens clarified on Tuesday that he wasn't finished with attacking DeSantis. He exhibited this in his attempt to shame the governor and saying that he was “playing military dress up.”

Stevens was quickly corrected that DeSantis was not just “playing military dress up.”

The former “top strategist” for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign in 2012 was also reminded that he was not in the position to be mocking anyone's weight as he has a weight issue.

On Wednesday, Stevens went on the offensive, acknowledging DeSantis’ status as a veteran in the military but reducing him to an “military lawyer” who “flew a desk,” and then accusing his opponents of making claims that DeSantis was a Navy SEAL (which nobody did).

“[DeSantis] was a military lawyer. That’s honorable service. What’s not is trying to claim he was a Navy Seal [sic]. What’s ridiculous is his playing Top Gun dress up when he flew a desk. But if he thinks that America is crying out for this, give it a go,” he wrote.

After that after, in an unsuccessful “gotcha” attempt, Stevens posted a link of the video showing DeSantis making reference to Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling him the “little elf” and then suggested that perhaps DeSantis' supporters were right after all about slandering someone's appearance.

“All the [DeSantis] trolls, professional and amateur, Russian and otherwise, clutched their pearls at thought of laughing at DeSantis for looking like a Macy’s Day Float. ‘Attacking someone for how they look shows you have no ideas!’ they shrieked. Maybe they have a point,” Stevens said.

It's a shame that Stevens only proved that he's an loser who totally missed the point since most of the backlash was focused on his comments about DeSantis' service in the military.

In actuality, since the ad was launched, this idea has been an increasingly prevalent theme among DeSantis’ critics who claim that he did not perform his duties with honor since it was “only a lawyer” or something like that, was evident by this criticism by the former Tampa Bay Times reporter Craig Pittman.

“[DeSantis] was a lawyer, not a fighter pilot. Not a combat hero like John McCain, Bob Dole or ‘Poppy’ Bush. I’d sure love to see the citation on that Bronze Star, btw — a veteran told me it’s become the military version of the participation trophy,” Keyboard warrior Pittman laughed.

Wow. Apparently he thinks “a veteran told me” can make you an expert on military issues.

I'll leave the discussion on how to earn the Bronze Star to others with more experience in these matters, however, according to my reliable sources, DeSantis' involvement with Special Ops and Intel during his time in Iraq indicates that there were certain things he was involved in which cannot be discussed, which could be the reason for his being awarded the Bronze Star. 

If these kinds of attacks against him are all his “principled” detractors have to provide, then I'd say that he's probably in good shape. Pun intended.

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