New Poll, With Millions Surveyed, Shows Bad News for Liberals

The latest Morning Consult research poll shows a decrease of seven percentage points in the last five years for those who identify as “very liberal,” “liberal,” or “somewhat liberal.” The percent dropped from 27 to 34 percent. However, it hasn't led to a significant rise in the number of conservative alignments.

The moderate group of voters appears to be increasing. Democratic Data researcher David Short said:

“The historical march has been that ‘liberal’ is gradually increasing as the secular, college-educated population has increased in a way that’s been divorced from thermostatic forces … If it’s thermostatic backlash, thermostatic backlash affecting ideological identification is new.”

According to the latest Morning Consult's annual State of the Parties survey, 73% of voters think of that the Democratic Party as liberal, rising from 67 percent mid-2017. Seventy percent who have college degrees see the Democratic Party as liberal compared to 62 percent at the middle of 2017. Hispanic voters ranged between 65 and 75 percent of those who consider the Democratic Party as liberal.

In the latest poll, 42% of voters said they believe that the Republican Party is “too conservative,” as opposed to 36 percent who said the party was conservative in 2017. The survey found that 45 percent of respondents believed that the Democratic Party is “too liberal,” which is up from 40 percent in 2017.

Republican pollster Patrick Ruffini said:

“In 2020, with all the talk of a Hispanic shift, and an African American shift to a lesser degree, it was really kind of a shift among Hispanic conservatives. It was like, people already have this fixed ideological predisposition, and they’re just aligning that to their vote choice … But what’s also happening, and reinforcing that, is the underlying ideological tendencies are also shifting in conjunction with, or caused by, vote choice.”

As Democrats who identified as liberals dropped from 60 to 55 percent. Republicans with a conservative view went from 70 to 77 percent.

Most independents describe themselves as moderate. The 2017 survey showed that 34 percent of them identified as moderate. Currently, 43 percent consider themselves moderate. The percentage of independents leaning Democrat or Republican has decreased since 2017. In 2017, thirty percent of independents categorized themselves as liberal or slightly liberal. Today, just 18 percent of them identify as liberal/slightly liberal. As for independent-leaning conservatives, in 2017, 31 percent identified as conservative/slightly conservative, compared to 26 percent in 2022.

Romfini also said:

“The Republican Party is a conservative party. The Democrats are not necessarily a liberal party. The problem is its elite actors are polarized … That’s what the last few years have been about, with Republicans hoping to capitalize on wokeness, the police and left-wing activist trends that get more play on the left than are actually warranted based on who their voters are.”

The independent vote remains uncertain during elections; however, this is a better poll for Republicans because more Independents identify as conservative/slightly conservative than as liberal/slightly liberal.

While the Biden Administration continues to pursue radical policies that are far left, people who are moderate will shift away from their political party. The Republicans should profit from this and win over new supporters by introducing and implementing policies that benefit hard-working Americans.

The Morning Consult said the survey research was conducted with the more than 8.6 million voters since 2017.

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