The WH Response to Student Debt Questions is Absurd

Many Americans are furious about Joe Biden’s decision to “forgive” some student debt.

It was reported that a father inquired of senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) if he could recover the money he used to pay off his daughters loans through working two shifts. Warren clarified that she didn't care at all about the father's question, or how unfair forgiving students' debts was for people who couldn't work or save as much as the father to pay off the loans.

Miguel Cardona, the Secretary of Education, has officially stated that is the Biden Administration’s position to Fox's Peter Doocy.

If you've put in the effort to pay off those debts, then you're out of luck under this administration. They don't care if this decision is unjust. You won't be able to be able to obtain any benefit, and you'll also have to cover for other people by through your taxes or the greater inflation that's expected to hit as the government might spend $300 billion in this initiative.

Doocy attempted to obtain an answer from the WH Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre about “who is paying” for all this generosity to college-educated individuals.

But Jean-Pierre was unable to answer. Is she ever able to answer? This was the most absurd response and she just kept talking on and on. She says this will be about “doing something for people who make less than $125,000.” Unfortunately, it is really an attempt to help students who haven't yet paid off their debts and ignores vast portions of American people with a salary less than $125,000, which includes the working class and people who paid their debts. Additionally, using taxpayer money to pay individuals debts isn't the job of the government. This is a direct transfer of wealth between the working class to those who are college educated. Also, it's a means of buying votes in the midterm elections for a portion of their college-educated population, and the rest of us are being forced to pay for that decision.

One of the issues with this decision is that they don't comprehend or care about the effects it could have on the system. A reporter inquired of Jean-Pierre if the move could be “a tacit acknowledgment that yes, these policies could cause tuition rates to rise in the near future?”

Jean-Pierre says that the team doesn't know and is investigating the issue. Why wouldn't they be aware before they make a decision? It's reasonable to assume that colleges are just going to raise their rates. That's the reason why the problem began in the first place, and yet Democrats aren't willing to admit the issue. The more money that the government put into this system, the higher tuition soared out of control. However, instead of acknowledging that the problem is there, they'll continue to pump money into the system. It will only make prices rise.

It's therefore unconstitutional, will raise inflation, and Americans will be responsible for it.

Don't be afraid, Joe Biden is being resonsible, as per KJP.

The actions they've taken have not been carried out in a manner that is ethical. It's adding fuel to the fire to combat inflation and the excessively high tuition costs. This is totally ignoring reality.

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