Former HBO Max Execs Claim Warner Bros. Is Turning Back to “Middle America” Instead of Wokeness

All indications show that Warner Bros. will be stepping away from the leftist affliction that has plagued the company and other corporations and studios lately. Because of angry ex-HBO Max executives, there’s evidence that Warner Bros. and other brands are no longer focused on being woke. This has destroyed a myriad of franchises.

As reported by Deadline, 14 percent of the employees were laid off by the streaming service offered by WB, HBO Max. The people who were laid off included several VPs.

Overall, 14% of staff — about 70 people — are being laid off Monday, the vast majority of them on the Max side. That includes in Max Non-Fiction Originals, International, Acquisitions, Casting and previously reported Live-Action Family Originals, which are all being either scaled back significantly or essentially eliminated, leading to the departure of the bulk of the the staffs, led by Jennifer O’Connell EVP, Non-Fiction & Live-Action Family Originals for HBO Max; Jennifer Kim, SVP, International Originals for HBO Max; Michael Quigley, EVP of Content Acquisitions at HBO Max; and Linda Lowy, EVP Casting for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, TNT, TBS and truTV.

Many of those who were let go were quite dedicated to leftism and the woke movement, so, of course, these firings are described as racist.

The Daily Beast interviewed some of the ex-HBO Max execs and they reported that the staff is now more white than ever before.

The layoffs have “amplified the lack of diversity at HBO,” another former executive told The Daily Beast. “HBO is the most homogenous part of this umbrella. Instead of trying to figure out how to integrate some of the [Max] executives into HBO, they just made this sweeping cut of three divisions: kids, family, and international. A lot of Black and brown people lost their jobs.”

But, one of the former executives made it obvious that the new focus wasn’t intended to divide people on the basis of political affiliation, but instead accept middle America:

One former exec describes Discovery+ as a “more general audience platform that doesn’t have the specificity that HBO Max was tailored to. I think Discovery is just a very ‘all’ audience, [they] don’t wanna make things that are political, topical, alienate Middle America—more Chip and Joanna,” they said, referring to the home renovation show Fixer Upper: Welcome Home hosted by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

“If David Zaslav had his wish, he would just program Chip and Joanna all day long,” the executive said. “There was just a massive, ‘We don’t need you. You’re not offering the things we’re focused on.’”

Wow! Warner Bros. is turning away from the polarizing politics of its past and focusing on content that is pleasing to the general public instead of promoting an agenda that only a small percentage of people agrees with. Time to pull out the torches and pitchforks.

It has been proven repeatedly that if you go woke, you'll be broke.

Viewers have stopped watching various programs, and the studios putting them out have watched a lot of money be wasted since was designed just to promote an unpopular political message. Today, big corporations are losing viewers and subscribers because of blatantly left-wing content that is a hit with a few but offends many others.

One of the best examples can be found in CNN, a news channel that became so left leaning that it always is at the bottom of the ratings. In fact, CNN alumni would decry the network as a failure, and Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav described it as an “advocacy network.”

If the show is influenced by wokeness, it starts to lose viewers. The Olympics, the NFL, Hollywood award shows and many more have all been leftist and lost viewers by the millions, at a high cost. Shows and movies that have themes of social justice are still not up to expectations.

Warner Bros. is one of the first companies to recognize the harm the left-wing ideology has caused and has taken extreme measures to reverse the course. They're cleaning up HBO Max. It scrapped the already-completed $70 million Batgirl movie, and it's laying off people at CNN, but who can tell what other changes are coming down the pipeline?

The main point is that Warner Bros. has realized who their customers actually are and where the money comes from that will ensure their continued success. It isn’t the radicals who aren't content regardless of how much is compromised, nor will they be the ones to spend money on their programs and merchandise.

If Warner Bros. manages to change as expected, who knows who will be the next to follow?

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