Tucker Carlson Blasts the FBI for Interfering With the 2020 Election

In what may be one of the more shocking revelations since the 2020 presidential election was over, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that the FBI pressured the company to cover up information about the Hunter Biden story, calling it “misinformation” just before the elections. The fact was explained in an interview with Joe Rogan, confirming what was previously deemed a conspiracy theory by the media.

There are two reasons that is crazy. The first is, what authority could officials from the FBI have to influence private firms regarding the news stories they allowed to be posted? This is awful, considering that the FBI allegedly pledged to not have any impact on the outcome of the elections. The second and most alarming is the fact that the FBI was aware at the time they discovered the laptop that it was genuine and had been in possession of it since 2019.

So, the FBI asked a company to lie and call the Hunter Biden laptop story disinformation, knowing that they were deceiving. This is direct interference in an election and an attempt to get Joe Biden in the White House. It happened under the supervision of the current FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Tucker Carlson, the top-rated newscaster on cable slammed the FBI on Thursday night for fraud in the 2020 presidential election. There's no longer any doubt that it was fraud.

The FBI has a long record of incompetence and abuse of power, but in terms of consequences of their actions, this is the most shocking. Federal law enforcement officials actively interfered with the race that was determined by only 40,000 votes from three states. If the Hunter Biden story had not been covered up by the news media, and no one claimed it was a Russian falsehood, Donald Trump might be the president.

However, we ended up with Joe Biden, a senile, angry, thief who's currently implementing another impeachable crime. Biden is also working with the FBI as his own secret police, as demonstrated by the attack on two people for “stealing” Ashley Biden's diary.

While doing this, Biden and the federal agencies under his control are sneering at Americans who ask for accountability and show they don’t respect them. 

A line has been crossed and they can’t go back. While there have been moments when in the past when it seemed like things were at their worst, this is completely different. It's as if no one is trying to hide the deception any more, which means that Biden can now be seen for the tyrant he really is. If he wanted to destroy the nation, what else would he be doing? The fact that he has one of the most powerful components in the government in his control, just makes things more frightening.

This isn’t an attempt to make the situation appear worse that it really is. It would be better if this was false news or an overreaction regarding what has occurred in the past few days. Unfortunately, it is real.

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