Biden DNI Makes Terrifying Announcement on Trump Documents

As we mentioned earlier, an official judge has indicated that she's likely to approve an application from members of the Trump team to name the special master.

The special master will examine these documents and determine if they are beyond the reach of the search warrants, for instance whether they're privileged documents which would give some protection to documents that were not warranted to be seized. One example would be documents that could be protected by the attorney-client privilege.

However, there are some issues in this. First, the FBI has had them for 20 days as of now -and who knows what could have been compromised by this fishing trip?

Furthermore, it appears that the Biden team now has another way to access the documents that could be more alarming, if what was happening wasn't shocking enough.

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is working to look over the items found in the FBI investigation of the former presidential residence of Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate earlier in the month. 

In a letter addressed to leaders of the House on Friday, the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines said her office will conduct a “classification review of relevant materials.”

“The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) are working together to facilitate a classification review of relevant materials, including those recovered during the search,” Haines wrote. “ONDI will also conduct an Intelligence Community assessment of the possible security risk which could arise from the publication of these documents.

Wait a moment. The FBI conducted a fishing search and now they're planning to have a Biden appointee who is a protégé of former CIA chief John Brennan walk her through the Trump documents which may contain confidential information. This is more damaging than the FBI going through the documents. An appointee from the political world is likely to be the person to judge the degree to which “damaging” the documents are. It seems like an honest evaluation. How can we be sure that FISA documents, or any other documents that could have caused harm to the government won't disappear? This is why having the independent Special Master is crucial in this regard.

Mike Davis, former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, the founder and president of the Article III Project, and a former Gorsuch law clerk, was critical of the decision, asking where did they get an “damage assessment” for what was stored on Hillary Clinton's personal server, as well as all the classified documents that she was able to not reveal in the same way as Trump could?

What is the damage assessment with regards towards Hunter or Jim Biden? Davis asks.

If they were so desperate the documents were needed, then why did they need to have to wait for months after the documents vanished to get them back?

In my earlier post in this article, the affidavit reveals they believed that they had documents with marks of classification on them in the storage area and they advised them to the Trump Team in a memo dated June 8 that they should keep those documents inside the storage area which the FBI later claimed was not secure. This is in contrast to simply taking them or getting NARA to obtain the documents. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It doesn't seem as if there's any need or serious threat for the documents. It's more likely it was just a way to pursue documents.

A few more thoughts about Avril Haines. It was she to decide not to sanction any person in the CIA for spying on the Senate who was investigating the torture programs of the CIA in an enormous scandal during the Obama Administration. Brennan did not disclose the incident in the past and claimed it never ever happened. In the beginning, Senator Dianne Feinstein blasted them. What's the damage assessment of this?

Haines also stood by John Brennan when Trump moved to remove the security clearance he had earned.

What is the delusion in that statement? It also raises doubts about her impartiality and the things that could go in a review of this kind.

I hope that Congress or the judge that suggested she could be appointing a special master intervenes in this case.

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