California’s Ban of Gas-Powered Vehicles Likely Illegal

California is planning to stop sales of gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. By 2021, California mandated 12 percent of new vehicle purchases to run on hydrogen or batteries. The goal for 2026 is to get to 35 percent. By 2030, the figure will be 68 percent. In 2035, cars will be 100 percent powered by hydrogen or batteries.

The President and CEO of Alliance for Automotive Innovation, John Bozzella, said:

“Whether or not these requirements are realistic or achievable is directly linked to external factors like inflation, charging and fuel infrastructure, supply chains, labor, critical mineral availability and pricing, and the ongoing semiconductor shortage … These are complex, intertwined and global issues.”

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation represents major automakers. Bozzella's remarks should be taken very seriously since he explains that the restriction on gasoline-powered vehicles and requiring people to use electrical vehicles is “extremely challenging” for the automakers to meet the demand.

As per the Independent Women's Forum, the ban on gas-powered vehicles is most likely to be not constitutional. Mandy Gunasekara states:

“First it could violate the Commerce Clause as it creates unreasonable burdens for interstate trade, i.e. the production and sale of automobiles. The Supreme Court has long held that the Commerce Clause has been a ‘self-executing limitation’ on the ability of States to pass laws that restrict commerce between states. In addition, pursuant to the Clean Air Act, California must obtain an exemption of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the purpose of setting its own, more strict emission standards.”

Gunasekara has also said that the ban is not realistic. She added:

“California has been pushing electric vehicles for decades with a range of tax breaks and subsidies; however, just 12.5 percent of drivers own an electric car. This is a greater percentage of drivers than other states, yet 78% of owners of electric vehicles have another gas-powered vehicle in order to help meet their needs. While there are significant technological advancements regarding EV technological advancements, the fact that charging batteries can take hours and filling gas tanks only takes a few minutes is the main reason why people remain averse to gas-powered vehicles. Electric vehicles are also expensive at an average of $54,000. Most Americans aren't able to afford premium prices. This is most true when inflation is rising.”

Most people don't want to drive electric vehicles, even when they can afford them, and prefer gas powered or hybrid. This is a personal choice to make.

Gunasekara clarified in detail how the ban will do nothing for the environment, stating:

“While being advertised as having zero emissions', electric vehicles come with a number of environmental compromises. They consume 10 times more minerals contained in their batteries when in comparison to gasoline-powered engines. Furthermore, the majority of the minerals are out of Chinese managed mines across Africa which ignore environmental protections and often use forced and child labour. Further, more expensive cars mean Americans drive older vehicles longer. This could limit the effectiveness and reach of efficiency and safety improvements which are offered by modern models.”

“Finally the push to electric vehicles will mean more electricity on the grids. California is already having to struggle to meet the current demand , and a ban on gas-powered vehicles could increase the grid's problems.”

In addition, Californians are allowed to drive to states bordering them like Nevada, purchase the vehicle they like, and then drive back to California. The ban on gasoline-powered vehicles is ill-conceived, unrealistic and possibly not constitutional.

This should be a given. However, local, state and federal governments shouldn't inform the American citizens what they can and cannot do. Instead of imposing their wishes on Californians, they should instead negotiate with China as the largest carbon polluter in the world. largest carbon emitter.

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