Fetterman’s Comments on Criminals are Shocking

The Senate race in Pennsylvania  isn't at the point where people simply look away from John Fetterman and his radical ideas. However, some of his earlier comments on crime are being viewed with more interest now that Fetterman is running for Senate.

Although he portrayed himself as a middle-class everyday man, Fetterman lived off his wealthy parents until the end of his 40s. Most people can't survive on the wealth of their parents. We all need to make an income to survive.

Perhaps that's one reason why Fetterman has a love for left-wing politics since he hasn't lived on the streets for much of his time, with the responsibilities of the real-world. When Fetterman took aim at his opponent Mehmet Oz for having multiple houses, Oz responded, “I purchased my houses with my own money. You were a sponger to your parents until close to 50. People who aren't rich don't take advantage of their parents until they're fifty. You're not a couch John!”

Fetterman is a proponent of a number of extreme policies that won't be popular in Pennsylvania, such as making statements about fracking and the energy industry.

He is against vouchers which allow children from poor public school districts to go to charter and private schools, regardless of the fact that he has children he has sent to expensive, private institutions since their school is located in Pennsylvania's lowest-performing schools.

Fetterman also has been not willing to engage in debates and that makes people believe he's afraid to talk with Oz.

However, Fetterman was asked if he could have an enchanted wand that could “fix one thing,” what would he do? There are many things that people can consider, like peace in the world or something that your family would like to improve, or helping sick people. What did Fetterman wish to achieve? He wanted to stop “life without parole” for murderers. Was he really serious? Yes he was.

“We could save thousands of lives and not make anyone less safe,” Fetterman declared. “Also, expunge many permanent records of people who have been living their best lives and have been paying well beyond when they should have for a charge they caught ten, fifteen years ago.”

Letting thousands of murderers out will not make anyone less secure? How would letting them go “expunge” their permanent records? This isn't the case. It's generally used only for lesser serious offenses and certainly not for murder or for those who were sentenced to lifetime without parole. What is the reason you would want to remove the criminal record of someone who committed an act so terrible that they were sentenced to life sentences without parole? His attitude that appears to be willing to grant an exemption to these serious criminals should set off alarm bells to all in Pennsylvania especially in light of the kind of behavior we've witnessed with the radical Democrats and their lenient criminal policies across the country.

Fetterman added that he also agreed with the director of the PA Department of Corrections that they could let one third of the prisoners out, and it wouldn't mean anyone was less secure.

This is a deluded and inauthentic way to deal with criminals. If you're dealing with someone who holds such radical views, it will end up bad for Pennsylvania. The polls indicate that Fetterman's race is growing closer probably because people are starting to see that Fetterman is simply too radical for them.

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