Joe Rogan Explains Why CNN Hosts Are Getting Fired

According to The New York Post, in April, the new network's boss wanted to remodel the network:

Under the leadership of [new CNN Chief Executive Officer Chris Licht], an executive producer who has worked on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and MSNBC's Morning Joe, CNN is scheduled to undergo an overhaul that will focus on more hard news, and less opinion-based programming, sources have told The Post.

This shift has officially begun, and it has been marked by the removal of the big-name on-air personality Brian Stelter.

Nick Arama covered the event:

“CNN finally ended its relationship with Brian Stelter and his show, Reliable Sources. The show was canceled and he was dismissed.”

Stelter ended his show with an end-of-the-world rant where he portrayed himself as a kind of Democratic angel fighting evil fascists. The last episode was a perfect example of why he was fired.

From the inspiring soliloquy:

“It's not politically correct to advocate for the principles of democracy, decency and respect. It's not politically correct to oppose the demagogues. It's required, it's patriotic. We have to make sure that we don't offer the opportunity to those who lie to us.”

It could not be partisan because it is the news. News does not decide what is acceptable; it doesn't define the level of demagoguery. News only reports facts that are objective and not the truth according to how Brian Stelter sees them. In terms of partisanship, in the way Stelter views “decent” means “Democrat.” The show Reliable Sources…was far from being reliable news.

In fact, back in February, Brian reliably remarked on Joe Rogan -without bothering to find out the details of his work:

“[F]gures like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms, we have a…problem that's much bigger than Spotify, much bigger than any single platform…but that is the heart of this right now.”

For the possibility of a CNN shakedown, America's largest and most well-known podcaster has some thoughts.

It is possible to recall the September of last year when it was reported that the Network declared that COVID-positive Joe employed “horse dewormer” — widely known as a human-made medication Ivermectin.

In the episode on Friday's Joe Rogan Experience, the host revealed that CNN even made fun of his face:

“[O]ne one of things which made me mad over was when they were so upset with me over COVID — don't forget how CNN actually put filters over my face, making me appear pale. … There have been times when we've shown two-by-two clips of the original video I uploaded to Instagram… and after that, they took it and applied an effect that made me appear pale.”


“But all those people are gone now, which is hilarious,” he added. “All those CNN people.”

“They're all on the cutting block. Don Lemon is on the chopping block. Jim Acosta. The group is all…on the way to leave, that's hilarious.”

None of these were buried into “news.”

For a long time, Jim Acosta was billed as a journalist — an interesting character, despite the fact that Jim Acosta was not.

In the year 2019, Jim published Enemy of the People: A Perilous Moment to Speak the Truth on the Streets of America. Via the book, the author declared his dislike for information:

“Neutrality for the sake of neutrality doesn't really serve us in the age of Trump.”

Don Lemon has nodded to reports. In June of last year, he was confronted with the facts:

“When I claim that the president of the United States (Donald Trump) is fraudulent and a scam we were taking a look at his taxes and the ways in which he — and his past history of litigation and delaying payments to people. All of these are facts. I don't have an opinion. But I do know that my personal preference is that I have a viewpoint.”

As Joe Rogan says:

“[T]hey should be (fired), because they suck at their job.”

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