Judge Hands Trump a Win in Fight Against FBI

The FBI's actions in the month of August have been an eye-opener. In the last few days, we discovered that the FBI visited Facebook in the 2020 presidential election and stated it was a fact that Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation. In actuality, the bureau had been aware since 2019 that the report was genuine since they also had the laptop.

In the past, the most significant news has been the raid on Donald Trump's Florida residence that has caused a number of legal battles, since the government tried to hide the facts of the raid. On Friday, the statement was released to the dismay of the government officials. The information it provided was an unarmed politically-motivated FBI working in conjunction with partisans of the National Archives to target Trump over a record dispute partly based on the contents of a CBS News article.

But this former President has had a few victories as a result of the unprecedented move. Although the affidavit was extensively deleted, it was uncommon for any portion to be released. Now, Trump has just hit the jackpot with regard to his request for an independent master to look over the information seized at Mar-a-Lago.

The news sent liberals into a rage as shown below in Marc Caputo's blog post:

You'll know when you've crossed the limit when right-wing legal “experts” on the site begin to scream over the top of their heads. You should ask them why they're so scared. How can the transparency of this procedure be an issue? With the ongoing disputes regarding the documents, it seems reasonable that a neutral third party should be permitted to decide between the two parties. The NARA isn't all-powerful. It is not in charge of the executive branch. And just the fact that they claim something doesn't guarantee that it is legal or even a fact.

It is unclear which way to go from here. I suspect the fact that it's more concerned with creating negative headlines about Trump rather than actually establishing the foundation for a criminal case against Trump. I actually reached this conclusion immediately following the press conference of AG Merrick Garland on the subject. I don't think the DOJ absconded with any precedent regarding Hillary Clinton and the handling of government documents, even if they were to do so there are some on the records saying the declassification orders were in place. This could cause total chaos in the event that Trump was charged (and likely convicted, due to his DC jury pool) with a crime the government had given Clinton an exemption from and she did not benefit from the president's power to defend herself.

Yet, another part of me believes they're required to continue to investigate this matter. If the DOJ does not go to the next level this will further expose the crime for what it really was, the administration has painted itself in an unforgiving position, and this could lead to worse bad decisions to make before this is over.

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