Man Trolls Animal Rights Activists

It's difficult to find a more offensive group of people than those who are part of the various environmentalist groups. It doesn't matter if they're hindering traffic and spitting the blood of themselves on others, or adhering their hands onto awe-inspiring works of art, not once have they been more successful in turning the public against their cause than the environmentalists. It's Sunday, and I don't have the energy to write about anything more important (it's been crazy this week on the news) 

In the film, a man becomes famous after enjoying a shish-kabob in front of a crowd of protesters. This is top-of-the-line, high-quality trolling.

Watch the video to understand the full impact of what's happening while the guy snoozes silently. The first woman kicks the man out and tells him the end of him is in sight before fleeing and leaving, but it's the next woman who gets the cake. She flails as if she's suffering from a seizure accusing him of having genitalia that is child-sized and yelling that there's blood on his hands and face.

This means that they are mentally sick. This is my opinion with complete sincerity. Anyone who puts that much focus on a person eating a kabob is putting far too many hours to spend and has no purpose within their daily lives. The practice of eating meat didn't begin with humans. Consumption of meat has been part of the environment of the planet since the beginning of the time. Why do we think that humans are special in the sense that they are guilty of doing something that many different species of animals do?

If someone is planning to become vegan, I don't suggest it, but that's their decision. It's not logical to be angry at other people for doing what their bodies are created to do, and that is eat and digest food. Bravo to this man for not yelling or being angry rather than stepping up his troll game, and giving us a hilarious video while doing it.

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