Never-Trumper’s Fight Against Trump Takes Dark Turn

The hunt for Donald Trump continues apace by those who claim to be Never Trump. As RedState reported, Adam Kinzinger recently did something to make him feel important by being a guest on Meet the Press.

The next thing that happened was a ridiculous tirade that accused Republicans of hypocrisy in having Hillary Clinton charged but not Donald Trump regarding the handling of classified information. In the absence of any realization that Trump had been president, and was in charge of declassification. Do you understand the way in which this game plays out? Rules are changed to safeguard the rights of a Democrat. However, instead of adhering to the new standard, Republicans are expected to follow the traditional rules.

It's not how all of this works. It's not hypocritical to believe that the law should be applied equally, and although Clinton ought to have been prosecuted and she was not, that has changed the law. Trump shouldn't be subjected to an unjustified, “orange man bad” norm when it comes to the enforcement of law.

But don't worry, Kinzinger has a solution to that too: Create new laws that you can challenge Trump with.

Of course, there aren't any precedents. We've never seen presidents of the United States attempt a coup. There's been no precedent. If we are required to make a change in law, then let's create the new law. However, I'm pretty sure some laws will be used to cover this. The DOJ appears to be very confident about this.

Perhaps Kinzinger might want to take a look at Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution of the United States since there's a prohibition of the ex post facto law pertaining to criminal instances. Congress isn't able to pass a law that penalizes Trump or any other person for something that was not before unlawful. Kinzinger is likely to be a bit naive enough to not have realized that at the time he made his remarks; however, I'm not certain it's the most important thing to consider here.

The most important aspect to note is that Kinzinger might even possess such a desire to begin with. Do you think he wants the US to transform into a single state? Since that's what it is. an unsustainable banana republic. And even if there's no precedent in law or a provision that allows Trump with any fantasies that the committee on January 6th is able to come up with, the notion of creating one from the air is utterly dictatorial. The history of injustice has been filled with self-righteous, delusional people who believed that they could go over the line for their own “greater good,” and Kinzinger is certainly in the same position.

The DOJ believes it is “very convinced” it will be able to prosecute Trump in accordance with the law as it is, but I'm not seeing much evidence to support that. Will they break precedents like the Hillary Clinton precedent and go after the former president over his handling of classified documents? If they do then there's no returning for the credibility of the department. This would be the most stark display of our system of justice that is two-tiered in American time. Are they on the right path? really intend to follow? We'll see.

I'm not certain what Kinzinger is talking about, however it's possible, given the mention of the concept of a “coup,” another term that he doesn't seem to be able to define. Like the other members of the committee on January 6th, Kinzinger is completely confused by the flurry of praise heaped upon by a lusty press to oust Trump. The former president didn't violate any law by directing that people should peacefully protest. There is no law which would force him to be charged in the event of being slow and not “acting quickly enough” or what else the committee might be suggesting these days.

What Kinzinger illustrates isn't only absurd and illegal, but it's also dark. The path these zealots seek to go to end the persecution of an opponent in the political arena is risky and will destroy the nation.

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