Republicans Will Win By Pointing Out Biden’s Terrible Student Debt Transfer Plan

There's a lot that's not very clear about the upcoming midterms and 2024's Presidential election. But it's an extremely rare chance for the world of national politics. Unless Dumpster Fire Joe and the drunken-sailor-spending Democrat Congress improbably save their sinking ship, they will hand a silver platter to the Republicans in each cycle. 

The most recent economic disaster imposed on everyday Americans due to Lyin' Biden is his absurdly misnamed student loan repayment program which, according to some analysts, will result in U.S. taxpayers paying $1 trillion or more in the next 10 years. Hence, the dishonest name: not one dollar in freely, contractually-acquired student debt is going to be “forgiven.” Every single dollar will instead be paid by hard working Americans, one disingenuous way or another. Biden along with the Democrats insist otherwise. Biden as well as the Democrats are lying.

While the list is long of the crises Joe Biden has purposely brought on America, this one is perhaps the worst, particularly in long run, not to mention one of the largest wealth-redistribution scams in history — passed by the Democrats for the same reason they make every calculated decision they make: the ballot box. However, the current situation is that Republicans are likely to change the rules when the midterms of November get closer, and decisions on elections for the presidential race in 2024 are being taken.

I've said it before, and I'll keep repeating it that if Republicans want to end the insane left-wing behavior, it is imperative that they leave the 2020 election in the past, take advantage of Democrat mistakes, and start looking to the future. This includes advertising like the the video below thanks to American Action Network.

The smartly produced video, titled, “Tell Congress: Stop Bailing Out Rich Kids,” features actors portraying everyday Americans humorously (think: satire) commenting on Biden's massive wealth-redistribution scam. Instead of reciting a small portion of the video, I'll suggest that you watch the video. And then call Congress to 202-224-3121.

The future ads may focus on any of the Democrat problems, such as Biden's ferocious quest to demolish America's energy sector, to his ongoing border conflict, including the explosive growth of Fentanyl, as well as a myriad of other crises that were deliberately created, advertisements alone won't win or lose elections.

What’s the bottom line?

Republican supporters must unite even if it's only to vote in the presidential election of 2024. Parties within the party should quit blaming others except themselves for the issues they've caused. (This is of the debate where the “Never-Trumper” comments come from, which I don't find bothersome because they're utterly untrue.)

Do I have any concerns about a massive Kumbaya time in the near future and even less with enough time left prior to 2024? Yes, of course I do. Do I think I'm right? Yes, I do.

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