Stan Van Gundy Fails to Compare Loan Bailout to Jesus

Joe Biden's choice to illegally bail out student loans of $10,000 to anyone earning less than $125,000 is attracting lots of criticism, especially from people from the right,  in addition to any other person who believes that the laws are fair and fundamental.

There have been people on the left attempting to draw a parallel between this and PPP loans, and even claim that Republicans who received PPP loans were hypocritical when they are critics of the Biden bailout. But, as my colleague sister Toldjah stated, the PPP program was enacted by Congress. It was also accessible to anyone due to an act of the government that impeded people's ability to work, namely the lockdowns. It wasn't about making Americans pay the debt to which other individuals committed themselves in a voluntary manner.

However, former basketball professional as well as NBA analyst with TNT, Stan Van Gundy, went one step further by comparing Joe Biden to Jesus, by citing the miraculous story of the bread and the fishes.

Van Gundy termed it “Republican logic” and it included the caption, “Jesus's miracle of the loaves and fishes was a slap in the face to all the people who brought their own lunch.”

It didn't end well as conservatives and others took to the streets over Van Gundy and pointed out that the metaphor was not even close to what actually happened.

Let's begin by comparing a baffling illegal act of Joe Biden to get votes to the miracle performed by Jesus to feed the hungry people. This is more than just a stretch and is a little offensive. Joe Biden is not Jesus nor is the government.

Jesus did a miracle, making the fish and loaves multiply. He didn't take money from taxpayers to force them to pay the debts of other people. He didn't even tell those who brought their lunches they were responsible for paying to feed the rest of the people. He didn't simply distribute loaves and fishes only to a tiny portion of those present. He didn't even distribute the food, so that they could decide to vote for the man.

In contrast to Jesus, government officials can't create miracles that bring things into existence. It's not like debt disappears. Everything is expensive and, in this instance, we all must contribute to the Biden bailout plan to buy votes for the midterm elections.

Perhaps it's just me, however, I don't believe Jesus said during his actions that we must all pay for others' “gender studies” degrees.

It's funny when those from the left attempt to make use of Jesus to justify how they wish to utilize the man. However, the left will always attack any mention of God or Jesus as pushing for an agenda of Christian theocracy.

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