CA Senate Adopts Bill to Penalize Doctors for Covid Misinformation

The non-partisan association, Californians For Good Governance, announced Monday evening they had learned that the California Senate approved the Orwellian bill that allows an official from the medical department of state to label doctors who don't adhere to COVID's party line in a manner that is “unprofessional.” This would probably result in these doctors losing their licenses to share their views. The bill is now going into the House and then, once it's been signed by members, goes to the desk of Governor Gavin Newsom.

The bill, AB2098, is the name of a bill introduced by Democrat Assemblyman Evan Low in February. It is an instruction manual on censorship:

The data obtained from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that those who have not been vaccinated are at a higher chance of dying due to COVID-19 which is 11 times more than those who are vaccinated.

This is a highly contested number, since there are numerous studies that draw various conclusions.

The CDC has acknowledged that it was unable to complete in its response to COVID, and needs restructuring. We're supposed to believe everything that comes from Director Rochelle Walensky's words?

The efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccinations has been proven through evaluation from the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the vaccines are still under rigorous safety surveillance from the CDC.

There are numerous physicians and researchers who don't have 100% confidence in the effectiveness or safety of mRNA shots and a number of countries ban their use for children. In the meantime, Omicron-specific boosters are scheduled to be approved this week, even though they have never had a human test. However, no one will be permitted to debate or discuss this when Newsom adopts the bill into law. The bill also states:

The spreading of misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19 vaccinations has damaged public trust and put lives at danger.

Many of the arguments COVID vaccine opponents made proved to be valid. One of those skeptical people included Los Angeles' own Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer, who admitted that the marketing of vaccinations which ” don't work so great” was not easy to understand. I'm betting.

Remember the time when we were told by the authorities that vaccines will stop the development of COVID? Do we have to adhere to their advice regardless of their record of failure?

The bill continues:

The Federation of State Medical Boards has issued a cautioning physicians who participate in disseminating COVID-19 vaccine-related misinformation or disinformation could lose their medical license. It also states doctors have a responsibility to provide their patients with reliable and scientifically-based information.

So, what state medical board decides what doctors are allowed to say? “The board is made up of one half doctors and one half attorneys,” Senator Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) stated in June. “The attorneys are no more qualified than I am.” What is false information? The bill gives us an explanation of what it means:

“Misinformation” means false information that is not supported by current scientific consensus to the extent that the dissemination of it is considered to be an act of negligence on the part of an authorized licensee, contrary to the norm for care.

The original bill had crossed-out words. They were changed to include the words “contrary to the standard of care.” Journalist Katy Grimes wrote in the California Globe about the “chilling” definition before that modification was adopted however her words remain true.

Medical professionals have often referred to the term “medical tyranny.” Imagine how cancer would be treated in the same way by this Legislature. Are there “contemporary scientific consensus” on treatment options, and are doctors at risk of losing licensure if they experiment with new treatments or medicines for patients with cancer?

The bill is likely to be subject to numerous legal challenges. In actual fact, the education non-profit organization Physicians for Informed Consent has already filed a First Amendment free speech lawsuit against the California Medical Board. The lawsuit declares:

AB 2098 as well as the position of PIC regarding Covid misinformation are anti-doctor, the Board's position is anti-public health, antiscience, and also anti-free speech. This is the reason PIC is standing up for the rights guaranteed by the Constitution to its members.

We hope that they prevail because this bill is a threat to doctors and freedom of speech. It's censorship, pure and easy to understand, and it does not belong in this country, or in the practice of medicine.

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