Border Chief Blames Biden for Border Crisis

The head of the US Border Patrol, Raul Ortiz, put the blame of the latest crisis of illegal immigration directly at the feet of Biden, who's “no consequences” border policy has caused the record increase in border crossings. Ortiz was speaking at the deposition of an action brought by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody against the Department of Homeland Security. When asked if the lack of enforcement was the reason for the huge flow of people, Ortiz said:

“It is believed that if populations that are migrant are informed that there's the possibility that they could be released, there is a possibility to observe an increase.”

This follows Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre being caught in an argument on Monday with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy about illegal aliens being able to easily cross the border. “That's not how it works,” Jean-Pierre told reporters. “It's not like someone walks over.” Doocy's Fox colleague Bill Melugin was not pleased, Tweeting: “That is exactly what happens in the area of border control. I'm not sure how many videos we'll have to broadcast frequently throughout the day in order to convey this message.”

The Biden Administration is free to claim all they want to that there's not a crisis in the area of border security, however videos such as those Melugin frequently posts via Twitter and Ortiz's testimony make it difficult to ignore. The testimonies were actually presented in July of this year, however the Florida Attorney General's office only made public the video on Tuesday.

While many of Ortiz's comments are straightforward, the impact is impressive when the interviewer poses some hefty questions. Let me read this transcript:

Speaker1: Do you agree with Chief Ortiz that unprecedented numbers of illegal immigrants are entering the United States right now?

Ortiz: Yes.

Speaker1: Are the people who are turning themselves in doing so due to the belief that they'll be released?

Ortiz: I'd imagine that they're taking themselves into custody as they believe they're likely to be released. Yes.

Speaker1 The question is: After the election of President Biden, did the number of illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States increase or decrease?

Ortiz: Increase.

Speaker1: In your experience of 31 years, have you ever seen the Border Patrol in a year ever encounter the number of people that it's likely to have in 2022?

Ortiz: No.

Speaker1: Is the current crisis which is currently raging on the border with Mexico making it less secure for Americans and foreigners alike?

Ortiz: Yes.

Speaker1: Since the time President Biden was elected by the American people, does this document imply that illegal immigrants entering the United States perceive that they can stay and enter the United States?

Ortiz: Yes.

Speaker1: What is the reason it is important to secure and remove those with demographics that could be a source of information for border patrols? 

Ortiz :The first is that you must ensure that you are accountable.

Speaker1: Okay. If you don't take action, and you don't suffer consequences, what happens?

Ortiz According to my personal experiences, we've seen an increase in numbers when there aren't consequences.

Speaker1: If people who are from migrant communities believe there will not be consequences, then more will be at the border. Are you saying that?

Ortiz: It is believed that if populations that are migrant informed that there's a possibility that they could be released, then there will be rises.

Speaker1: In the absence of taking care to remove demographics that can be accommodated, the flow will continue to increase, it will grow by an exponential rate. Is that what you are saying:

Ortiz: I think that it will grow, yes.

The Biden Administration has actively sought to undermine border security, and has slammed agents with false allegations of beating border crossings off their horses. The administration has also attempted to stop the efforts of members of the Texas National Guard to stop the flow. The numbers are shocking: according to the Daily Mail, more than 4.9 million people have flooded into the U.S. since President Joe Biden became president in 2021. Like “no consequences” for criminals in US cities has caused an increase in crime, “no consequences” border security has caused the massive surge of immigrants.

It is a matter of concern that it'll be a tragedy similar to the deaths of 53 immigrants who were killed in a hot car to awaken Biden to the devastating effects of his toothless policies. Biden is clearly not affected by the deaths of Americans in the hands of those who entered this country in violation of their immigration laws, or the devastation to the economy caused by the importation of the entirety of Ireland without regard for their capacity to provide for themselves.

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