Fetterman Wimps Out

John Fetterman, the Democrat running for Senate in Pennsylvania, is not doing very well. This has been evident from his recent appearances on the public stage. His remarks have been controversial to be honest, and the effects of his stroke, which was caused by not paying attention to the advice of his physician for a half decade, have proved that he is not fit to be a candidate for the position he's aiming to run for.

In the last few days, Mehmet Oz, the Republican running for president has been making Fetterman's health a topic in relation to the upcoming non-partisan debate in Pittsburgh. Should the Democrat, who has trouble making coherent sentences and is engaging in a meme-driven campaign, attend?

We have the answer: Fetterman has officially chickened out.

The reason Fetterman gives for not attending is the fact that Oz is a snarky, obnoxious person. It's not a joke. The clown who's been a constant in his campaign of doing New Jersey jokes is now extremely upset that his opponent has finally come out in his defense. It's pathetic.

It appears that Fetterman is able to dish out the sludge but he's not able to take it in, which is a fact. He would like to be able to smack Oz with a myriad of insensitive attacks and he isn't going to allow anyone to doubt his medical condition, which could be an actual issue. A person who is so sick that they cannot debate has no business running for US Senate as it's a very open question as to whether Fetterman will ever be able to fully recover. The long-term outlook for him is uncertain considering how severe his stroke was.

What this boils down to is that Fetterman is in a rut. The man and his handlers are aware that he's not capable of standing on a stage for 2 hours while debating the issues. But is he going to suddenly be more enthused in the latter part of September? Debates are typically concluded before mid-October. There's a tiny window for this debate to be completed and I'm assuming that it won't happen at all.

Fetterman realizes that he is being targeted by the media, taking advantage of the man and insisting that his health isn't a priority. It's possible that there's little to gain by employing the basement method up to November. It's my opinion that this is a mistake however. Oz is making progress in the polls. With just over two months remaining until the election and a long space to allow Fetterman to be exposed. It becomes more apparent that he's not participating in debates due to the fact that he isn't physically able to take part in them, which could appeal to a certain group of voters. It's up to the voters to decide if it's enough for them to push Oz to the finish line, I'm not sure, however, there's plenty of hay to be made.

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