Garland Trying to Stop DOJ Employees from Speaking to Congress

There's been a growing number of FBI employees coming forward to open the door about the politicization of the bureau, and even allegations that they've been biased in closing the lines of inquiry towards Hunter Biden and biased in opening up the investigation of Trump. One person who was accused of bias by whistleblowers has been removed- whistleblower Timothy Thibault, who was accused of involvement at various points as part of investigations into Trump as well as Hunter Biden.

It's possible that whistleblowers could be making people in the Biden Administration nervous with what they're sharing.

Based on Mike Davis, former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley who was the founder and president of the Article III Project, and a former Gorsuch law clerk, the Attorney General Merrick Garland is warning DOJ employees, that includes the FBI -not to discuss their concerns with Congress.

“Attorney Garland Merrick Garland just sent out a message to everyone at the Justice Department, ordering no one to contact Congress,” Davis declared. “(My source: Congress.) Why didn't he call for the same gag on the unintentional and unlawful Justice Department leaks to the media? Coverup.”

Davis didn't lie. The letter is from Garland.

Garland attempts to hide his face in the letter, claiming that it will not hinder whistleblowers' ability to speak. However, let's face it. If you read this letter and tell people not to discuss their concerns with Congress and that you're aware of what's going on will anyone wonder whether they are trying to put a pretty cover up or not? Why was this letter that's going to be out today written? The people in the letter about it to Congress are those who are FBI whistleblowers. You can dress it elegantly, but it comes as if you're trying to conceal the truth and is intimidating to those who may want to make an announcement. I'll just guess that it's not going nicely with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) who is pursuing many of these issues.

Davis is able to make the excellent point that, if Garland is concerned about individuals who are breaking the law of some sort, what is the initiative coming from Garland to stop the leaks which the FBI has been giving to the media in order to make the case for the raid against the president Donald Trump?

While Garland was fighting to get the affidavit sealed for the Trump warrant, claiming it was essential to protect credibility of the inquiry, we witnessed his staff leak various smears. For instance it was reported regarding nuclear-related information contained within the documents, and the assertion that Garland wasn't associated with the warrant. Garland stated that the warrant was his but there hasn't not been any evidence found within the warrant nor in the affidavit that confirms the nuclear claim. However, leaking nuclear information has made Trump look bad. The inability of Garland to denounce the leak to the media while also trying to stop speaking to Congress is what makes the stark contrast all the more striking.

Garland is making himself a mess by writing this letter, and he's going to have to face Congress for this.

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