Here’s the Reason They Don’t Show the Wide Shot at Biden’s Events

Joe Biden has been at several campaign-related events in the past week. This included one located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Biden should have been talking about a “safer America,” but he spent much of his time fighting against millions of Americans by vilifying MAGA Republicans and telling lies about January. 6. Biden has become so unpopular that John Fetterman, one of the presidential candidates Biden was promoting, couldn't even be motivated to attend. Biden became totally confused about who was running for which job, what the Constitution said, and also showed his lack of knowledge about guns.

Biden ridiculed those who may require guns in order to need to defend themselves from an oppressive regime, telling the people they'd need an F-15.

Talk about a “threat to democracy.” This is how he reacts to those who doubt his anti-Constitutional stances against the right to carry arms? That's an absolutely bizarre response.

Another aspect that is worth pointing out about the occasion is the visual they're trying to give us with their tight shot.

If you've watched Trump rallies, you’ll see that the Biden administration seems to be trying to replicate this look, with a bunch of people with signs behind Biden. But unlike Trump rallies, which typically have thousands of attendees, you have to view the wide shot in order to verify that. However, when you look at the wide shot from Biden's events, you can see the problem.

It is a depressing look, and just plain embarrassing.

There was a tiny group of people gathered behind him with signs. Except for a handful of police officers that were present, those who were who were behind him were likely union workers who were urged to come out. They all looked like they would rather be somewhere other than there. There was a larger group of people in front of Biden. But not as large as the crowds who show up for president Donald Trump, so the attempt to portray it like that didn't work. It looked sad.

The audience at Wilkes Barre matches with Biden's approval at the bottom, no matter how the Democrats are trying to make up lies about his presidency

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