Man Kamala Harris Backed for Bail Fund Accuses of Murder

Vice-President Kamala Harris' approval numbers are lower than President Joe Biden's, and the majority of her predecessors to this point in her office. By those standards, VP Harris is outdoing herself in her race to the lowest point.

On Tuesday, the Minnesota's Alpha News reported that Shawn Michael Tillman of St. Paul was indicted for murder, just a few days after he was bailed out of an indecent exposure case by the progressive Minnesota Freedom Fund. The controversial group has been known to bail out violent offenders, and was endorsed through Kamala Harris in the year 2020, amid George Floyd protests. On Harris's personal account on Twitter, Harris writes,

“If you're able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedom Fund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

And even the rarely coherent Kamala Harris is aware that protesting isn't illegal, but there wasn't a peaceful gathering in Minnesota and there was the possibility of violence and property damage. The protesters had already taken over an officer's station and burned it to the ground. Minnesota appeared to be like the Luftwaffe was on the scene when Harris tweeted her message of support.

A big thanks to Arizona GOP District 1 Congressional Candidates Josh Barnett for getting it right two years ago: “You're a disgrace to our nation!”

In this scene, rioters can be observed breaking down fencing and causing damage to law enforcement vehicles. In the evening they set the police station on fire.

Minneapolis was transformed into a war zone that some people were captivated by, as media, politicians, and Hollywood celebrities reacted with joy to the destruction.

According to my former RedState friend Nick Arma, the fund had received a huge amount of donations of more than $35 million. Kamala Harris and at least 13 Biden campaign staffers contributed towards the account. This murder Tillman is accused of -which wouldn't have occurred without the bail that was paid by MFF — isn't the only failure for the fund to ensure that communities are secure from criminals being held.

A Vice President that backed criminals who caused a city to be burned including a police station, rendering it appear to be an active war zone, is shocking. The Vice-President who sought donations for an account that was used to let risky criminals to the public, resulting in violent assaults and an increasing number of murders, is a travesty.

Tillman was previously found guilty eight times for sexual indecency and the charge of a weapon. He was accused of murder in the course of a rivalry, known as “beef” by unloading six rounds from a handgun on the victim's body near an elevated rail station. Police say the incident took place about 4 am and was caught on surveillance video. Republican lawmakers in Minnesota are continuing to fight to block organizations such as MFF from operating within the state. Fox News reports Harris' office hasn't replied to requests for comments.

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