America’s Mussolini Cartoon

Joe Biden is becoming America's Mussolini. Il Duce created what we know as fascism about a hundred years ago and then became Italy's first prime minister. Within a short period, Mussolini was attacking all of his opponents. He swiftly became a tyrant.

Thursday evening, in front of an iconic American landmark, Biden utilized blood-red lighting to create a fascist image. His extravagant entrance, complete with music and a band, and uniformed soldiers saluting the commander added to this image as Biden and his wife made their way out.

Biden appeared on the platform, kissed the host, and then walked over to the podium to give a speech that was a shocking violation of America’s trust and his position. Biden's decision to use Marines as a display of his power as commander in chief was shocking. To witness Marines being used to prop up political campaigns is terrible.

Biden quickly jumped into a scathing attack of 75 million Americans and disguised it as a “presidential address.”

Biden has repeatedly abused his position in the past and with increasing regularity. But this act of pride was outrageous. It is not necessary to be a Republican to understand that this was “crossing the rubicon” type of moment. Biden has portrayed over half of America as his adversaries and as a “danger to democracy.” His words have become louder. Biden's spokesperson reads his speech notes and labels anyone who isn't in agreement with Biden as “extremists.” Biden was never a uniter. He's a divisive politician.

My opinion is that Biden's intention isn't to avoid violence, but rather to encourage it. Biden wants to provoke a response. Don't let him get it.

But no mean tweets. Only a demented tyrant. Il Duce Jr.

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