Biden Goes too Far in Divisive National Address, Heckler Spoils His Party

Portions of Joe Biden's “MAGA speech” previewed a massive abuse from the Executive Office of the President. This is exactly the message that was delivered when Biden gave his speech in Philadelphia with a blood-red backdrop and surrounded by Marines.

A line was crossed, and they went too far when they used the military as a prop for a blatantly political speech. Another line was crossed when Biden said that half of America is a “danger” to the country. The speech was far more radical than anything we have ever heard recently in presidential addresses.

Naturally, since we're dealing with an aging man, things didn't go as planned. The president was coughing repeatedly when he attempted to start his speech.

The substance of the address was no more healthy than Biden. Biden kept repeating the phrase “MAGA,” painting those who supported Donald Trump as evil fascists who represent a direct threat to the country. It was extremely dangerous. If you start slamming tens of millions of Americans, and suggest they're likely to destroy “our democracy,” that can be a justification for anything. People could will be injured because of this warning.

It definitely appears as if Biden would like to provoke an armed reaction. Why else would Biden even bother to give this speech? It's the same nonsense Biden has been spouting for years and still isn’t true, just like it wasn’t true when Biden was running for president.

There's also a contradiction in the things Biden is declaring. Biden is constantly trying to portray himself as a uniter, however his actions and words create a deep, troubling divide.

Of the many presidential speeches in the past, there has never been an address of this kind that was delivered under these conditions. Presidents give speeches during their campaigns, however they do not give speeches for national importance under the cover of their official duties to make them, and Biden's scathing attacks on tens of thousands of Americans were unheard of. You'd need to look back at the Clinton's “basket of deplorables” quip to find something like it in the realm of politics, however, it was nothing when compared to Biden's remarks.

There was one enjoyable portion of the speech. A heckler made the decision to become a legend and ruined Biden's speech.

That's all there was to it. In reality, there was nothing noteworthy to be said in this messy speech, which broke the rules of decorum and tradition surrounding this Executive Office of the President. The speech lasted for about 25 minutes and ended with Biden being led out with Jill Biden as you'd expect. This was totally unnecessary and was a rehash of the same nonsense which the White House has been putting out on Twitter. This was exactly what it was. It was Twitter anger rolled into a national speech, and it was both sad and disgusting to see.

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