Tucker Carlson Takes on the Negativity in Joe Biden’s Speech

Joe Biden gave an awful national address that is believed to be one of the most divisive speeches ever delivered by a American leader. However, he did so while proclaiming that he is all about unity. At the same time, he demonized and attacked millions of Americans for the crime of trying to “Make America Great Again.” In Biden's world, that's a crime and a “threat” to the Democrats that won in 2022. Therefore, Biden must do everything possible to use this threat to distract people from the failure of Biden and the Democrats during their time in power.

It was a scary thing to watch and not just because he was inciting millions of Americans, but in the manner in which the whole thing was carried out. Some of the things Tucker Carlson said before and after the speech were spot on. Tucker pointed out that it wasn't an ordinary speech, with a blood red backdrop and Marines behind the speaker, in a scene which reminded many of Nazi speeches. “Joe Biden has crossed over into a dangerous place,” Tucker declared.

People are a threat simply when they do not agree with Joe Biden. It's difficult to think of something more dangerous to promote, and he did it with Marines flanking him. Including the marines in an unpopular political decision is terrible.

It's also alarming that many who are left-wing on social media that are in support of this abomination, believing it's a positive thing. That's a lot of who is he trying to reach with this speech. He's trying to convince people that he's actually doing something. However, it is awful that he's targeting Americans.

Who are the true fascists here? It's not the MAGA Republicans. When he tries to stifle the opposition, he is the fascist.

One thing is important to note: That he's desperate and that he's gone to this extent to demonize all of America means he is aware that they are in trouble. He knows that they're going to lose and is doing everything he can to prevent it using this tactic. We can feel secure knowing that they're in serious danger.

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