Anti-Trump Psychiatrist Loses Job Over Vile Comments

There have been a lot of individuals who've broken their own hearts due to their hatred or obsession with the president Donald Trump.

One of them is Dr. Bandy Lee who declared that Trump and a few of his backers were in a state of mental illness, however she never assessed them or him. However, that did serve the Trump obsession among the left, and led to her being a very popular host on left-wing news outlets such as MSNBC. She made absurd assertions like the idea that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) could have had Trump involuntarily detained for an exam.

Lee said to Salon she believes that “As an employee, she has the legal right to request that he undergo an involuntary evaluation. However, she has not. I am beginning to think the possibility of a mental health issue that we've attempted to avoid, will eventually become inevitable.”

She also blasted her concern about the “contagion” of Trump's mental state.

This led to lots of criticism, just as she deserves, since the American Psychiatric Association prohibits professional opinions regarding individuals that psychiatrists haven't examined. This is quite risky when you've got people who want to make use of psychiatric tests against their political adversaries. This is reminiscent of that of the Soviet Union, in addition to being untrue in this instance.

Lee was previously employed on an unpaid position for a non-paid position at Yale University. When attorney Alan Dershowitz complained about her following her “evaluation” of him, saying he was suffering from a “shared psychosis” with Trump, her appointment was terminated. She filed a lawsuit for illegal termination, claiming that it violated her rights to freedom of speech.

“I think her own words prove that she acted unprofessionally, in violation of academic standards and in violation of the rules of psychiatry,” Dershowitz stated in the New Haven Register last year.

“I also think that it is unethical to falsely diagnose somebody whom she hasn't met for political and ideological reasons.”

Yale department head Dr. John Krystal warned in an email to Lee following the complaint of Dershowitz: “The recklessness of your comments creates the appearance that they are self-serving in relation to your personal political beliefs and other possible personal aspirations,” her lawsuit stated.

The reason why the school stated that she was let go was because of the absence of an official teaching job, according to the New Haven Register.

Then, US District Judge Sarah Merriam has decided against Lee and dismissed the case. The judge was in favor of Yale. She noted that the position was not a voluntary one, and that Yale had the right to refuse to re-appoint Lee in the event that they did not want to do so after they lost faith in her professional conduct.

Even though Lee did not receive a salary, what she's angry over is the fact that she's lost the Yale connection which could have been a factor in her getting jobs and benefits. This time, rather than blaming Trump, you've got someone who was able to discredit herself. It's hilarious now since they continue to try and keep claiming the “walls are closing in.” However, they never make themselves vulnerable to any problems they face. There's even Joe Biden trying to do this by declaring MAGA people as threats, but this resulted in such a disastrous backfire that he had to retract his deplorable speech the next day.

They're never going to give up, but occasionally it's nice when justice and sanity seem to prevail, just as the case was here. Extra sweet? The plethora of tears at the decision to dismiss her appeal.

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