Kari Lake Slams Reporter Baiting her on Election Integrity

It is true that there are 2 things that the media is obsessed with more than anything. First, there is the obvious, the 6th of January. It has become a total obsession for the media. The other is that Biden is deploring those who are questioning the 2020 election even in the tiniest possible terms. If you don't think Joe Biden is the greatest president of all time, who was elected in the safest election in history, despite a lot of the rules changing only a few months prior to the vote in the election, then you're an “election-denier.”

This is how you continue to get inquiries from journalists like those Kari Lake was confronted with on Thursday. Jeremy Duda, who works for Axios decided to approach Lake but not with anything related to her campaign to become Governor of Arizona, but with a more complicated question about 2020.

Duda might be a good-looking person, however, his question doesn’t make sense. It seems like a very confusing approach to inquire about Lake's opinions regarding 2020. The 2020 election is well-known, without directly asking questions about the issue. Are you concerned about the process that took place in the election of 2020 equate with Joe Biden sowing division by declaring half the nation as a threat?

It's not like I'm writing this article to debate these procedures. It's been a travesty and the public knows what I think about the last-minute changes to voting which took place. What I'm trying to say is that even if one does not agree with one of the criticisms about the 2020 presidential election, it's not an attack on the true nature of thousands of millions of Americans.

However, Lake's response is well-thought out and even goes beyond what she calls the “owning the libs” part of the question. It doesn't matter if you're an admirer of her work to admire her ability to take an extremely controversial question on something that's often been considered a “gotcha” and answer it in a manner that doesn't isn't a hit but also does not feed into the more humorous statements of the media.

I'm taking the chance that I'll be accused of having a hateful opinion on Donald Trump to say this: I just wish that he could answer questions on the 2020 presidential election in the same way Lake does. Perhaps it's because of her experience as a news anchor coming through; however, she is able to frame controversial topics which is a huge advantage for her candidacy. It's clear the reason why her opponent, Katie Hobbs, is refusing to engage in debate.

For all the debate surrounding Lake, I believe she's running an effective campaign. She's able to concentrate on the problems Arizonans are concerned about over the past few weeks and her capacity to manage the press is a joy to observe. Republicans should support her even if she's not their first option. The stakes are just too high to give Arizona to a far-left Karen similar to Katie Hobbs.

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